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Clean up on aisle 4!


The pinnacle of my all around not so wonderful day yesterday was when Blake stuffed a whole mini-quiche from a Costco sample table in his mouth, gagged on it, and then barfed... all over himself, the cart and the floor. 

It was one of those moments where for just a second you stand absolutely frozen in horror, then move quickly to acute embarrassment, then just as quickly become super-mom and take care of everything in a matter-of-fact but discreet way, all while consoling the crying and now quite stinky offender.

I even cleaned the store floor myself so as not to draw unwanted attention. 

And then I sent a group text to at least three different people to ensure maximum sympathy for what had just happened. 

A girl's gotta get her props somehow!


  1. Once again... so sorry. And you did get maximum sympathy from me after your text, which brought back to mind vivid memories of my last trip to Costco with Hayden where he had his temper tantrum at the chocolate milk sample table and threw a cup of it down himself and on me and my white shirt.

    Not as stinky & disturbing as vomit... but more than enough disobedience to make the blood boil!

  2. Oh, yuck! That's all that comes to mind...except I'm sorry):

  3. A truly unfortunate moment ...I really felt for you , and totally would have reacted exactly the same!!...including the multiple sympathy support by text ..are we related??!!