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Christmas came!


I can't help myself, I will have to write a proper Christmas recap tomorrow, including how I woke up with the stomach bug at 4 am Christmas morning.

Oh yes. It's true.

But until then, I have to share one other thing that came as a surprise this Christmas...

meet the new Kindle

Holy AWESOME Batman! 

Like I told Russell on the way home from our Christmas #2 today, where I received this sweet little item, "It's one of those things that you didn't even know you wanted until you get it, and then suddenly it's your most prized possession and you are 100% completely and wholly in love with it."

I'm serious. We will never part.

Dear parents:
You are wonderful and amazing
and I will love you forever.
You and my kindle. 

p.s. sorry about the crying,
sometimes I get a bit excitable.


  1. Yay, looks like a fun gift! So glad you got something you love!

  2. I don't get out very much. What the hell is that thing?

  3. Tim you watch your language on this here blog!!
    You should google it. Awesomeness in a thin and light little package. It's an ereader - you load books on it and read them. It's super easy on the eyes, holds up to 3500 books and the battery lasts a month. It's my new best friend!
    Oh and it has free wi-fi. Sweet.

  4. Tim Grandle do not make me have to wash your mouth out with soap! What if your kids were to read this blog:0!

  5. That is exactly how I felt about mine a year ago -- totally didn't expect it, and fell immediately in love. A year later, still loving it and using it all the time. If you want to share books sometime, they've added a new lending feature. I don't know how many books I own that are enabled for lending, but I'm happy to share!

    Oh, and wishes for a Happy New Year to you and yours! :)