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Christmas break recap in photos - week 1


We've been having some fun in the Halvie home this past week. Some fun and some medical issues...

Last weekend we kicked off break with the kids school Christmas program, a movie night with the kids, Cooper's final basketball game, getting our Christmas tree, game night at the "other" Halvies (brother and sis-in-law), Christmas Extravaganza service at church, Red Robin with friends, and a trip to Coldstones ice cream, which closed on Sunday and required a "goodbye, we'll miss you" visit. We know how to pack a weekend full!

school Christmas program

our pick
Bob and Tracy, our kind tree benefactors and adopted grandparents :)
Christmas Extravaganza at church
Monday was the dreaded dental redo day. No more needs to be said.

Tuesday I burned all five of my finger tips on a curling iron (helpful tip: always pay attention to what end you're grabbing), crashed my Mum and sister's bible study Christmas party, and ended the night late night shopping at Walmart with my mother. Burns aside, super fun evening!
the lovely ladies of Tuesday night bible study
Wednesday I baked treats at my Mum's, got the boys fresh haircuts, and the kids had their Kidmania party at church. Oh, and Cooper got croup. LOVELY.

Kendall, Cooper and friend Sarah after their clown party at church.
Today I took the kids to buy little gifts for each other for Christmas and this evening Russ is out on a man date with his buddies to see "True Grit". I would love a night out as well but the truth is I've only wrapped half of our presents and although I've waited almost a month now, they don't seem to be wrapping themselves.

Tomorrow we're catching the new Chronicles of Narnia in 3D with Russ's folks and if all works out we'll be visiting Yo-Top-It as well, because remember: Coldstone's is no longer with us. RIP.
the tree 2010
And that's week one of my amazing and entertaining Christmas break recap. Alright I'm sorry. Even I yawned reading this. But my Grandma will appreciate all the pictures so I'm going to go with that and call it a night.

Merry Christmas everyone! I wish you all joy, peace and love this holiday season. Also, some yummy food. And fabulous boots. Oh wait, that one's for me ;)


  1. Wow what a weekend! As always, your recaps are the best! Wishing you love and boots this Christmas :)

  2. I'm with Jana ~ your recaps ARE the best! and I'm wishing you boots for Christmas too ..( sure hope some one comes up trumps with that one! coz we didn't get you them tee hee ) love you :D