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Back in the swing of things


Last night was the season kickoff for CCHS basketball so our evening was spent down at the school rooting for the Cougars once again.

Oh how quickly it comes back around each year! I'm always a mixture of excited and not quite ready. Excited for my husband, who is the girls varsity head coach and an absolute ball of energy and enthusiasm when it comes to basketball (even when in the middle of a serious sinus infection), and not quite ready myself, for all the games with a toddler in tow and evenings with Russ gone at practices and away games. 

(Which I don't often travel too because when your school is out in the "country", and you play other teams also out in the "country", you're looking at a lot of 45 min to 1 1/2 hour drives ONE WAY. And did I mention I have a toddler?)

But back to last night. It was also "breast cancer awareness" night, with the crowd in pink and our teams playing in pink ribbon uniforms. Pretty cool if you ask me. There was a t-shirt decorating contest and Kendall was a finalist for the elementary school. 

My favorite part is "Belive" :)

Blake got in on the action too, and boy was he excited to wear a "basketball game" as he proudly called it.

 Go pink!
Russell stopped on his way home from work the day before to buy himself a pink shirt and was proud as punch to find one he thought he'd wear again, and on clearance from $44.00 to $11.00. In his words, he was "stoked" about the deal.

Proud to wear pink.
And just like that he stepped into my world of "the shopper's high".  

Welcome honey. it's a fun place to be. 


  1. Where was Coop's shirt??

  2. Loved this post, so awesome they did pink night. Kendall did great on her shirt!! I needed a close up shot of Russ's shirt though ;)