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10 Things about Christmas 2010


1. I love Christmas traditions. One present each on Christmas Eve. New pajamas every year. Presents on Christmas morning. My dad's french toast breakfast. Traditional Christmas dinner. Family togetherness. This year we did it all plus some and it was wonderful.

2. If you are going to take your kids to see the new Narnia movie in 3D on Christmas Eve you don't need to leave early to get good seats or plan on ice cream out afterwards. Apparently it's not as popular of an idea as you'd think and no place is open for dessert. Anywhere. 

We loved the movie!
3. I felt a little funky around midnight Christmas Eve and woke up with a stomach bug around 4 am. This is about the epitome of my absolute worst nightmare: missing Christmas. HOWEVER, I serve a loving and merciful God and after a solid couple hours of bathroom trips and praying my heart out I went back to sleep and was fine! As in, I ate till I was stuffed at Halverson family Christmas that afternoon and helped myself to seconds and thirds of dessert. Thank you Jesus! 

Merry Christmas morning!
4. The boots landed! The boots landed!
Well done honey, well done.
5. Best gift ever at Halverson Christmas: this outfit for Blake, aka Batman (or Superman - it's reversible!), from his awesome grandparents...


I kid you not, he wore it ALL day. And the next day as well. And when he was in it he was Batman, fighting any villain (be it person or object) in his way. Go Batman!

6. Christmas with lots of kids is fun, noisy, rowdy, fun, boisterous, and fun! Meet the Halverson Twelve:

the cousins
7. Our Wilson Christmas was on Sunday so we skipped church and enjoyed the whole day together. The end result of this was that I ate waaaay too much yummy food. Again.

enjoying breakfast, still waiting for Jamin. Finally, someone who shows up later than me!
8. We scored this year: among many other things Russ got a new gun and a cool new hoodie, I got a new crockpot and my beloved Kindle, and the kids got Mariokart and Donkey Kong games for our Wii. Smashing successes.

9. My brother won the awesome gift giver award of the year. He did great with the kids gifts and surprised Dave and Kelly with an espresso machine and my parents with a Wii! 

the amazing Uncle Jay

10. Mariokart is not just for kids. 
some serious drivers


  1. Awesome re cap the pics..especially the one of Jay..I'm still spinning at the wonderfulness of whole day.

  2. I was hoping to see a picture of Batman to show off at work...a picture says it all. It really was a great Christmas thank God for FPU and Dave Ramsey

  3. looks like a super fun, family filled Christmas ... what a blessing that you're near all that family!!!