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What I Wore Wednesday - it's winter!


I have embraced the scarves, flannel, and boots this past week. It's getting cold outside! 

(And in true Western Oregon fashion we got a light dusting of snow and all the schools closed.)

Wednesday: Costco run
green vest: Maurices
tunic dress: Kmart
leggings and boots: Walmart
necklace: Fred Meyers

Thursday: Mom's group, grocery shopping
shirt and boots: Costco
skinny jeans: Target

Friday: school assembly (my kids got awards so I went to watch)
brown turtleneck: Shade
Levi's: Kohl's
Uggs: ebay
scarf wrap: Forever 21
bracelet: Target

Saturday: Date night!
gray turtleneck: Shade
skinny jeans: Kohl's
green vest (again): Maurices
boots: Walmart
scarf: garage sale

Sunday: church
dress: Ross
cardigan, leggings & flats: Walmart
bracelet: Target

Monday: prayer group, errands
cardigan & skinny jeans: Target
green tee: Shade
scarf: I'm drawing a blank...
boots: pass-me-downs

Tuesday: no pic. It was 25 degrees, school was closed due to icy roads, 
and I stayed in front of the fire in my favorite sweats all day. 

I'm linking to The Pleated Poppy to join up with Lindsey and other "What I Wore" gals - and Lindsey is doing a giveaway as well, for $75 to a very cool clothing company... check it out!


  1. I love your great cardi's and scarves, they are the perfect extra touch! It's 10 degrees here in Eastern WA and so I know what you mean, bring on the layers! :)

  2. You look so cute in your winter clothes. I'll be stealing some of your style when I leave Florida.

  3. Such cute style! I love it! And such a cute, cute blog! I'm now following!

  4. You are such a cutie! Love those outfits. I just started with scarves this week too!

  5. you can never have enough boots. cute outfits and i love the church dress.

    What i Wore

  6. You have three kids??? You are adorable.

  7. Like the dress-leggings idea

  8. loving all the scarves! they are my favorite thing this time of year :)

  9. how cute are you?! those costco folks must love you coming to see them in all your cuteness! :)

  10. you are crazy adorable! i love your wednesday outfit, I've definitely never set foot in Costco lookin' that good ;) and your Sunday outfit is also very cute. did you get to experience that lovely 'cold snap' we got down in Idaho?

  11. You look VERY cute and I love your boots!

    I need a date have inspired me!