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Tuesday's recap - on Thursday


Have you ever been really late to something and wished you had a valid excuse to give for your lateness? But you didn't even have a non-valid excuse? Coz you were just plum running behind? 

That was me Tuesday morning... running late to bible study and wishing I had a great explanation for my tardiness. Not because I was going to get in any sort of "trouble", or even get frowned upon for walking in reaaaaally late, purely to ease my embarrassment of walking in to a room and having 20 heads turn and stare at me. But I had nothin'.

And right as I was contemplating this, I took a left, AND WAS REAR-ENDED. 

But only slightly rear-ended. As in, a girl behind me (who was talking on her cell phone!) ran into my big Chevy Tahoe's rear tire with her little car and broke out her headlight. It felt like a bumper-car hit. 

And what was my first thought? 

SWEEEEET! Talk about a valid excuse... "I was in a car wreck!!"

After swapping information and hugging and consoling the girl because she was a shaking sobbing mess, I walked boldly into bible study 46 minutes after it had started with a confident smile on my face. 


After bible study I had my very first experience being someone's personal shopper - a job that I would LOVE to do if I ever wanted to actually have a job, besides being a stay at home mom, which I do not. So never mind. 

My friend Laurie asked me to help her shop for some riding boots and invited Jana along, and OH THE FUN. She treated us to Claim Jumper for lunch and we shared my very favorite dessert: Lemon bar brulee. 

It is 5 kinds of awesome, people. 

whipped cream, brulee top, tart lemon filling, cheesecake, shortbread crust. Heaven.
We helped Laurie find not one, but two gorgeous pairs of boots, and Jana and I shocked ourselves by not buying one single thing for ourselves. 

Did you just read that? LET THE RECORD SHOW! I can shop and not buy something for myself!

Truthfully, I love shopping so much that I get just as much enjoyment out of it when I'm helping someone else spend their money on themselves as when I'm shopping for myself. 

I'm telling you, I should have been a personal shopper. 

My adorable friend Laurie, the proud owner of tall riding boots AND cute wedge booties!

It was a good day, "accident" and all. And it was topped off by a fun late-night visit from our friends the Nofs, who came over so Russ could help Doug with a buck he shot earlier in the evening. A piebald buck! Check out the pics on Sarah's blog (there's a cute pic of Russ too :) We are getting quite famous over there... she blogged about us here too!

It comes from us not being able to stay away from them, they're just too fun :)


  1. Fun Day, Laurie picked the right friend to help her find some perfect boots! :) Thanks for the fun late night too.

  2. That Laurie is sooo cute !. and Jod ..people around the world would love you to be their shopping consultant :D