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Scrap Around the Clock - a photo recap


After a full night's sleep (plus an extra hour) on Saturday night and a glorious two hour long nap Sunday afternoon, I finally feel caught up after the craziness that is Scrap Around the Clock. From 6:00 pm on Friday till 6:00 pm on Saturday 54 ladies (including yours truly) scrapped their hearts out and had a GREAT time visiting, eating, supply shopping, watching chick flicks on the big screen, and enjoying some yummy lattes.

We had our biggest turnout ever and more vendors than we've ever had before. I personally only got 8 pages done - an all-time low for me, but I was not disappointed... I was happy to be up working and making sure everything ran smoothly, plus there were so many new people to meet and get to know!

Like these ladies who traveled from Cascade Locks...

And Sharon, a Close To My Heart consultant from Scapoose.

There were old friends to catch up with...
Krista, Darla and Denae
Kourtney and Cassi
And my table mates to gab with into the wee hours.
Me, Tricia and Sarah
Here are some of our scrap vendors:
And my lovely scrap committee ladies (except for Gaylen, who I somehow missed a shot of! Sorry Gaylen!)
Annie and Carmajo

We had hourly drawings for pre-made double page layouts

And a "Queen of the Crop", the winner from our Spring SATC raffle who won free attendance and an extra large workspace filled with her fave drinks and treats, with an extra comfy chair.

This was my workspace.

And of course no scrap event in Molalla would be complete without a visit from a couple of local husbands decked out in full hunting paraphernalia...

Yes that would be MY husband on the left (with his best friend David), right after he bought a fluffy coffee from the espresso bar we had available. I laughed when they walked in the gymnasium and announced "Welcome to Molalla, ladies!"

Way to represent babe!


  1. Beautiful recap and it will draw more ladies for next year as we all want to know what to expect before we get there. Love the the guy touch at the end

  2. Great picture of Russ and David at the end! And a superb recap of the weekends lovely event:) You're a great "Boss" for scrap- around- the-clock. Three cheers for Jodi and her team! Hip hip hooray!!!

  3. Hip Hip Hooray indeed to the Big Boss Lady... what a wonderful weekend, totally successful in my estimation and I loved every minute of it (except for my lousy 7 pages I have to show for it)... how is that 3x as much done when I was 7 months pregnant and constantly leaving the table to go to the ladies room??? Oh well, great weekend and I already can't wait for the next one!

  4. Looks like another great event, although I would like to see a little less talking and more production!

  5. Its all ABOUT the talking Tim!

    Thank you ladies, Kelly I can't believe I did more than you! We're going to need to work on this aren't we?!

  6. Awesome re cap..and pics..Loved the back shot .."Boss" and my handsome son-in-law ( shmoozing his way into the ladies hearts.)
    By ther way, I think the "Queen of the crop" needs her name added along with her picture.

  7. Whoops..I was annonymous

  8. Awww, I want to come! And I don't even scrap! :)