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Saturday recap part 2: my top 10


Nothing like a recap of last weekend on the following Thursday, right? To see part 1 - which was all about the ill-fated haircut that happened the morning of, see here.

We had so much fun Saturday (once I was back on speaking terms with my husband), but because I seem to struggle with writing a blog post shorter than the entire book of Genesis, I've decided to recap the rest of the day in list form... giving you my top ten thirteen reasons I loved the day, in no particular order...

1. Due to certain circumstances that I won't discuss but which have to do with Russell's last minute decision to SHAVE HIS HEAD, we were late meeting Tom and Nicole to drive down to Corvallis with them and we felt really bad... until Tom got out of his car when we pulled up and sheepishly told us that he'd forgotten the tickets back at their apartment - 15 minutes back up the freeway - and we had to go back to get them. Forgetfulness happens to us all Tom! (especially me). I knew I liked that guy!

2. I loved the OSU campus, so pretty and, well, pretty! And there were soooo many people to watch... which is one of Russ and my favorite things to do. Especially when we can make fun of people, like the guy wearing head to toe hunter-orange fleece camo. It was nice, folks. 

3. Can I just say they had stellar concessions? Like BBQ tri-tip or pulled pork sandwiches (which we stood in line for but missed out on by one person when they ran out of meat after making their last sandwich for the guy in front of us! What were the odds?) Or Qdoba nachos, which I sent Russ to get after a person down the row from us came back to their seat with a big tray of them... only to have him return with Domino's pizza because Qdoba ran out of meat too. So okay, we didn't luck out on concessions but they looked great and there was a large variety.

4. We were sitting 5 rows off the field. FIVE ROWS! It was spectacular, I almost wished my kids were there to see it. Almost.
that's a lot of orange!
5. We were seated in front of the Washington State cheerleader's stunt team. Now, I was a cheerleader in high school, so they had me at their first high flying basket toss. To say I was a little distracted watching them would be an understatement. 

too bad they were rooting for the wrong team.
6. And I was glad I was watching because I was HIGHLY entertained when one of the stunt guys accidentally brought his girl partner he'd been holding up in the air down in a half-crash, landing her on his megaphone sitting in front of them, and oh, did she turn around and yell at him! Then he yelled back, she stomped away, and during their next cheer when she was supposed to be turned around facing him he turned his head to the side and wouldn't look at her the whole time. It was hilarious!

7. Tom and Nicole were heaps of fun. And Nicole was so cute getting all into the game and screaming her head off, I was impressed. I tried to keep my questions about what was going on to a bare minimum in order to avoid appearing like an ignorant fool, which I totally am. 

8. Even though it was cloudy and drizzly I stayed toasty warm in my down jacket and shearling boots, and nice and dry thanks to my $5.00 Beaver poncho purchased out front before the game, which was a good call by the way (and a nice save seeing as I forgot a hat).

I was bright, folks!
9.  When we dropped off our kids at my parents before we left that morning my mother gave me an early Christmas stocking stuffer gift - a bag of Hershey's candy cane kisses... my fave! I stuffed them in my purse and brought them with me (as witnessed at me feet in the above pic) and they did not last through the drive back home. So yum.

10.  Despite the Beavers loss, Tom (an OSU grad and die-hard football fan) was a good sport after the game and didn't wallow in misery. In fact, he even offered to let Russ listen to the Oregon Ducks game on the radio on the way home and turned the volume up on the exciting parts. Seeing as that the Ducks are the Beavers arch-rivals this was a mighty fine gesture of friendliness and it did not go unappreciated. By Russell. 

Nicole and I, on the other hand, could have done without the 2nd football game IN ONE DAY, thank you very much. 

11. We hit up Red Robin for dinner on the way home. Need I say more?

12. And were entertained again when a group of 4 college-age kids snuck in and seated themselves at the booth beside ours and then told a waitress walking by that their waiter had forgot to bring them menus! The nerve! I felt great satisfaction when a manager came over and gave them the boot... BOO YAH!

13. My gingerbread milkshake I ordered for dessert. It deserves it's own number on this list. It was that good.

The End.


  1. I love your thirteen top things of the day list... very entertaining, ADORABLE BOOTS, yummy kisses and I sure like Tom & Nicole... they make me happy!!!

    Love it, love you!!

  2. Jodi, awesome recap of our adventure from start to finish!!!! It made Tom and myself laugh. We loved taking you guys lots and lots of fun!!!!