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Saturday recap part 1: an ill-advised haircut


This past weekend Russell and I did something that neither of us had ever done before: attend a college football game. Our friends Tom and Nicole invited us to go with them to the OSU Beavers vs. Washington State game a couple of weeks ago and we were all, "No kids? Free date? WE'RE TOTALLY IN!" and had been looking forward to it ever since. 

The day did not start out on the best note however. Russell's hair had been driving him crazy because he needed a cut but hadn't taken the time to get one, so he asked me to help him at least trim his neck before we left. That was the first mistake. I had no idea what I was doing with the trimmers and was very reluctant in case I messed up, which of course happened when, with the shortest piece attached, I misunderstood his directions and zipped up the back of his head almost to his earlobes. EEK!

Russell immediately took over and had to cut his hair all over, on the next size up piece to make it blend in better. Which honestly didn't really work because the back of his neck/head was now reaaallly short. I left him doing this to continue to get myself ready and pack up the kids for a day at Grandma's but it wasn't long before he called me back into the bathroom to see his own mess up - while trying to trim around his ears with the short piece again he went up 2 inches into his hair line! Mistake #2. It looked awful with a capital HORRIFIC.

I was mortified and Russell just laughed sheepishly. So I stomped off to load up the kids in the car and came back into the house to hear these words: "Babe you're not going to like what's going on in here!" Uh oh, I stomped right back in and stopped short when I saw that my husband had BUZZED OFF THE REST OF HIS HAIR.  Mistake #3. BIG MISTAKE.

I won't lie. I was furious. As in, I got in the car and drove off to deliver the kids to Grandma's without him so that I could cool down a little. You see, when Russell and I started dating (back when he was 17!) he always buzzed his hair, and I liked it back then because it's the only way I'd ever seen his hair. But once he reached college and grew it out just a little I could clearly see that it suited him way better. And I've never let him cut it off since. 

And that was 13 years ago! So of course it was a bit shocking... and in my eyes, extremely unattractive. And I told him so. And then refused to speak or look at him for the next 1/2 hour. Which I'm sure you can imagine was a wonderful start to our day out together with friends! 

(And with that I've just realized that I basically reenacted the scene from Clueless where Di freaks out at her boyfriend's shaved head at a party and causes a giant commotion. Wow. )

(p.s. that was my favorite movie in 1995. Saw it in the theater 3 times. Then bought it.)

Thankfully Russell put a hat on and bought me a coffee on our way out, both calculated acts to soften me up. And they worked of course because dude could charm the socks off a warthog... so I've forgiven him. In case you were worried ;)

And NO, he didn't need to forgive me for freaking out on him because he shouldn't have made me use the trimmers in the first place! (That's my story and I'm sticking to it.)

In the coffee drive-thru line... yes I took a pic without the hat but I'm not quite ready to publish it for the world to see.. I need time, people.

Also don't be thinking I hurt his feelings or made him feel self-conscious or anything because I've never met anyone in my life more self-confident than Russ. Who else, as a freshman in highschool, could be 4'10" with size 13 feet and giant sticking-out ears and have the entire 7th and 8th grade class of girls (myself included) madly in love with him? Russell OWNED his haircut and teased me all day by taking his hat off and rubbing his head while grinning. Evil!

Stay tuned for Part II - when we actually get to the football game, and I am seriously distracted by the cheerleading stunt team right in front of me and may or may not pay no more than 5 minutes attention to the actual game going on. It was fun!


  1. Oh you make me smile!...and you got that man... to a tee! You are a great team. Speaking of teams, why would anyone watch a football team over a cheer-leading team?

  2. Jodi, you made me laugh out loud once again. Great story!

  3. I loved hearing this story and being part of it....priceless!!!

  4. Jods, I like your disclaimer about hurting Russell's feeling! However I think you should not have admitted to retelling the story line to Clueless. There's just something not right about that!:)

  5. Back then Tricia everything was related to Clueless, it was the best movie ever made (up until that time). I remember that part specifically and I was horrified that he would do that but laugh every time I think of Russ with a buzz cut!! Ha ha ha

  6. Oh Russell!!! Bad, Bad, BAD!!! Jodi I would have been livid too. I'm just so glad you already got your family photos!!

  7. The things that happen to you two!!! .good thing his hair will grow back !!...I see chocolate being an invaluable medicine right sbout then.

  8. Ha ha - when I saw him he said, "How do you like my hair?" And gave that giant Russ grin. Too funny.