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Packing in the fun


After my full last week/weekend of preparing for and attending Scrap Around the Clock, you'd think I would have been ready for a "down" week this week, just hanging out and laying low. 

Not so my friends. There is nothing like a scrapbooking weekend to get you rolling and want to keep going... for days on end. So Tricia and I decided to get together on Wed thru Fri to scrap, because we had prayer on Monday and bible study/parent conferences on Tuesday. Then my sister asked me to help her clothes shop last night, I found out my best friend was husband-less for the week due to late season elk hunting and made plans to spend an evening with her tonight, and we were invited to my niece and nephew's joint birthday party tomorrow evening.  And just like that this week turned even busier than last!

Of course I have to do it all, I can't help myself - I can't say no to fun. And it is ALL fun.

Last night with Kelly was especially fun - and funny too - when we realized I'd put my screen print shirt on backwards after trying on something in the fitting room. Yes, we were shopping for Kelly but I was bored in the fitting rooms and decided to try on all the things she didn't like. I am entertained easily. 

What was not fun was coming out of Kohl's at closing and discovering that Kelly was awarded $20 Kohl's cash at checkout, and realizing I spent more than her last week and got NOTHING. Well! I was ready to march right back in the store that instant with my receipt still in my purse but Kelly pointed out that since the doors were now locked I probably wouldn't get very far. Fine. But I will be calling the store this morning to investigate further.

Right before I head back to Tricia's for more scrapbooking.


  1. Your last line reminds me of Lion King and Whoopie Goldberg saying....'Mufasa! even the names makes me tingle'....beware Kohl's!

  2. Thank you so much for coming with me last night... I'm pretty sure I would have been lost last night... and equally frustrated had you not been with me. Thanks for making me break out of my comfort zone and "cuting" me all up. I love you!!

  3. Scrapebookers unite! We shall scrape till we can't scrape no more. Love havin' you there!