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My feet are sore!


- Today's stops included 7 stores, 70 plastic tablecloths, a trunk full of groceries, a delicious pumpkin spice latte, and mysteriously, 2 new pairs of jeans.

- Blake lucked out and stayed home with my cousin Linley, which worked out well seeing as that I was gone for 6 hours and never even stopped for lunch.

- The inside handle of my driver door broke recently and we haven't had the time to get it fixed, which means every time I want to get out I have to roll down the power window, reach out and open my door with the outside handle, then roll back up my window, all before turning off my car. 

- Do you know how many times today I turned off my car and took the key out of the ignition, only to have to put it back in to go through this little ritual? SEVEN TIMES IS HOW MANY.  You could say I was more than a little exasperated with myself and my stupid door.

- I made the mistake of "popping in" to Kohls and an HOUR LATER emerged with 4 new items of clothing - darn their sales!

- At JoAnn's Fabric I picked up my favorite scrapbook adhesive, waited patiently in their Disneyland-ride style checkout line, paid for my purchase, walked 2 feet and saw this. You better believe I got right back in that goofy line all over again because $1.99, people. And it will hold my Project Life album perfectly!

 - I saw this at Costco and actually said out loud "Oh my goodness, I am sooo buying this!", I was that excited. I put it over spaghetti noodles for dinner - instant success with the family. Can't wait to try it over cheese ravioli (it comes in a 2-pack).

- After dinner I spent the evening setting up down at our church for Scrap Around the Clock with my crew. We have 52 ladies registered and I am so excited! 

- When I came home the kids were in bed and Russ was relaxed on the couch listening to the Blazer game on the radio. I sat down to check my emails and after hearing an exciting play in the background turned around to see Russ's reaction and saw this. 

- And that's exactly how I feel, so I'm going to go join him!


  1. Cute bag! Not even the Blazers exciting game could keep him awake. He'll be sad to know that they lost by one in overtime (I know this people only because my husband stayed up to watch it and informed me of the information when he came to bed and then again this morning when he woke up!)

  2. Ha ha Tricia! I also LOVE that bag and know that all future cute purchases like that (especially for $1.99) warrant a call to your best friend to see if she would like one too :) Glad you had a successful day!

  3. Haaaa haaa laughing...OHHHH Russell!

  4. What a day! I'm exhausted just reading it, move over Russ!

  5. I saw that stuff at Costco this week, and wondered if it would be any good?! Now I know. I will most certainly add it to my Costco list. Fun spending time with you this weekend.

  6. Sounds like an awesome day! That pasta sauce looks delish!