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Monday Confessional


My favorite thing about Sundays is... the guaranteed afternoon nap. I LOVE me a luxurious Sunday afternoon nap! And I've been known to go to great lengths to ensure one.

Is it bad that I didn't say my favorite thing about Sundays is going to church? Because I really do love going to church! Especially since so many members of my family attend, as well as my best friends, making for a fun gab fest post-service (sadly we never arrive early enough to gab pre-service. Which is a confession in itself really if you were to know what time we sometimes sneak in!). 

But yeah, the nap is still the best part of the day :) 

Especially when it's with this little guy...

Sleeping in style, surrounded by the toys he snuck into bed before I came in to join him!


  1. I got me a short little nap yesterday and it was glorious!!! What a cutie that little Blakester is!

  2. Ahhh so glad you caught that moment!!!