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Monday Confessional


Sometimes I stay up into the wee hours reading a good book, or lately, a new blog I like.

Sometimes I eat breakfast with my kids before they go to school and then have a second breakfast an hour or two later because I'm hungry again. 

Sometimes I stare at my laundry pile and then walk away on purpose and pretend it's not a looming presence in my life. 

Sometimes I say no to my kids when they ask for bible time before bed because I am just. too. worn. out.

Sometimes I don't feel even a tiny bit guilty for saying no. 

But rarely. 

Sometimes in the middle of a cleaning job I leave the room to go put something away and then rediscover my abandoned project an hour later - completely forgotten.

Sometimes I get grumpy and tell my husband in no uncertain terms to QUIT PESTERING ME.

Sometimes he listens... but mostly it just gets worse until he cracks a smile or giggle out of me and then I'm done for.

Sometimes AT ALL TIMES I keep my personal stash of chocolate hidden from my family so I won't have to share it :)


  1. Oh how I love you and all your idiosyncrasies. And I love that knowing how precious that chocolate stash is to you, you almost always offer me a piece of chocolate when I come over... even if I usually decline because I just don't share that same sweet tooth as you. If only you stocked up chips the way you do sweets... then I'd be in trouble!!!

    Love it, love you!!

  2. Think I've "been there ...done that" too