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A mark on the wall


Two nights ago I was sitting at my computer when I happened to glance over at the wall beside me and noticed a new mark on the wall - quite a large one. 

"Aww man!" I thought, and instantly accused Russ or one of the kids in my mind. And then, as I stared at it a little longer... I realized with horror that it appeared to be moving.

What the higgity hey?!!
Holy disgusting, Batman!

I took a few pics to show the kids (who were already in bed)...

And then I killed it. With relish.

Nothing like a little late night creepy crawler to send you off to bed with the heebie jeebies. Great!


  1. The moving wall mark....Good thing we weren't at Bible study. (I wouldn't even touch that.

  2. Ewwww eeee is right! sleep tight!!