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I ate, and ate, and ate some more


How to recap the past 4 days? So much went on, crazy fun stuff, and now I'm ready to sleep for a week.

So I'm going to be brief. 

Thanksgiving day: There was good food. At BOTH Thanksgiving gatherings we attended. You bet I enjoyed myself!

Thanksgiving #1: Halverson gathering. The pies get an A+ this year - thanks to our lovely friend Danielle who made all three of these beauties. Please note the one on the far left: pumpkin cheesecake. Best. EVER.
Thanksgiving #2: Wilson gathering. Same day, later time. Yes I ate all over again. Calories don't count on major holidays you know.
I'll tell you what, I love our families. Every year there is nothing to look forward to except wonderful fellowship, great food, and just relaxing and enjoying ourselves. I am thankful that we don't ever have any family drama! 

Friday: Shopped online at midnight and got the Walmart 5 am doorbuster deal I was wanting from the comfort of my home and cozy pj's. Then was so jazzed that it actually worked that I couldn't sleep for half an hour. 

Up again at 4 am to meet Tricia for some serious Black Friday shopping. Walmart, Target, Old Navy, Toys R Us, Coastal Farms, JoAnn's, Home Depot. NO SWEAT. Home at 4 pm to crash for a couple of hours and then over to Erik and Tricia's where the guys had been hanging out watching football all day. Tricia and I gabbed on the couch all night because obviously shopping together for 12 hours straight wasn't enough time to catch up :) Also, we may not have wanted to move one single muscle.

the booty
Saturday: honestly, most of it was a blur. I believe I got some things done and some errands run but I was pretty hung over from my lack of sleep the previous day so don't ask me what they were. 

In the evening we went over to our friends the Nof's so Russ and Doug could watch the Oregon Ducks basketball game and we ended up staying till 1 am playing a new board game called...

wait for it... 

Smart A**. 

Yes, that's the name. Sarah picked it up off the shelf in the store because she couldn't believe someone would name a board game that and then after reading the description on the back admitted that it actually looked fun. So she bought it.  And it WAS! We kept playing over and over again - it was addicting.

Sarah always knows the way right to my heart: candy cane kisses - my present when I walked in the door. Love her!
Sunday: dragged ourselves out of bed for the Thanksgiving Extravaganza at church and then attended our final Thanksgiving meal, at some wonderful family friend's. Bob and Tracy have adopted our whole family (my parents, siblings and our respective kids) as their own and wanted to celebrate with us, combining it with Christmas, complete with multiple gifts for the kids and even all of us! It was amazing. We are so blessed to know them!

I would love to show you pictures of this event but unfortunately my camera was in my purse, which regrettably did not get brought out to my car by my 7 year old son as I'd requested, but rather left on his bed when he carried it back to his room to get his coat. Bummer.

But I got over it quickly. Mainly because my sister had her camera with her and will let me mooch her pics off her later. Phew.

To conclude this holiday weekend recap: We had ourselves a lovely time! I hope you all did as well.


  1. I just love your recaps cause now I feel all caught up! Sounds like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and weekend!

  2. It was a blast shopping with you,Jods! I have a great time every year we go out:)

  3. I am thankful I did not get up and go shopping... more power to those of you that enjoy the crowds and the wee hours of the morning - that's not me!! Sure enjoyed my weekend with you though... and I don't need to see another turkey until next year!

  4. Dearest Jodi, if you read my latest blog entry, you'll understand why. Your first picture on this entry makes me very sad.