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Hair today, gone tomorrow


Hardy har har! 

I crack myself up. 

Yesterday was the big day for Kendall... the day she finally got to chop off her hair to donate to Locks of Love. She has been growing it out for FOREVER and I have been sorely tempted to get it cut many times over the past year because girlfriend has TANGLES!, but how can you do that to a girl who truly wants to give to such a worthy cause? You can't is how.

And I'm glad I didn't because when I told her I'd made an appointment for her she was giddy with excitement and I believe she even clapped. Apple didn't fall far from the tree there.

the top rubber band is the 10 inch mark - the length required to donate.
chopped off!

one happy little girl :)
with her own certificate and key chain. And adorable do!
 On the way home Kendall told me she felt so full of happiness that she Couldn't. Hardly. Stand. It. 

I said, "it feels good to do something good for others doesn't it?"

She agreed, and then I added: "plus it feels really good to feel cute and pretty huh?"

and she gushed a huge, "YES! I just can't stop flipping it!" as she tossed her from head side to side :)

I know exactly what feeling she is talking about.


  1. She is beautiful!!! LOVE THE NEW DO KENDALL!!!

  2. So cute. I got a mini-flat iron from Jessica and Deb has found it really easy to use it on her and Liz's hair.

    SO CUTE sweet Kendall, You look adorable!

  3. How adorable! Brought tears to my eyes. What a beautiful young lady!

  4. Hurray, Kendall! I'm so proud of you! And you look simply lovely with your new hair:)

  5. Very cute pics..what an awesome gift to give away...we are all very proud...and we reap what we sow...great sowing Kendall ;D