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Givin' Thanks


I'm thankful for water. Yesterday we had none from the time we woke up until 7:00 pm at night because our pipes froze and then busted.

Glorious running water that flushes toilets and washes hands and dishes and laundry - I love you!

I'm thankful for my awesome husband who knows exactly what to do in situations like that and who skipped dinner and stayed out in the freezing cold darkness after he came home until it was fixed. He's handy like that.

I'm thankful that even though my planned baking marathon turned into a late night sprint, I got it all done and now I can have a relaxed day with my family and focus on tomorrow's SHOPPING BABY! (Oh, and being thankful of course :)

I'm thankful that my MP3 player that I dropped out of my apron pocket into the sink full of water last night still works! And that I actually had a sink full of water. Again, yay water!

Happy Thanksgiving everybody. May your faucets flow.


  1. oh no.. the pipes actually burst!. Makes us apreciate what we so often take for granted doesn't it.Hopefully that won't happen again..awesome job with the marathon baking deserve chocolate :D

  2. EVERYBODY DESERVES CHOCOLATE! Everyday and all the time:) Good job ,Russ, on fixin' the pipes. We surely love us a handyman!

  3. Thankful for you and your family Jodi. Hope you enjoy your day to the fullest. Love, The Nof's :)

  4. Irony ;). Way to go, Halvie!
    -Sarah B.