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Girl drama


About a week ago I heard a crash coming from Kendall's room, immediately followed by HYSTERICAL, OUT OF CONTROL crying. Uh oh, that's never good...  I ran in expecting to find some sort of injury but instead found a mess. A broken glass all over the carpet mess. 

Through my daughter's sobs I was able to decipher that her newest American Girl catalog that she had placed at the very top of a teetering pile of precious items on her crowded dresser had fallen off, causing a very special glass keepsake to follow it and shatter. She was inconsolable. 

I was very empathetic and helped her clean up, and hugged and held her. And then told her to pull herself together and get self control - because she'd been crying for 10 minutes straight. 

Girlfriend can get a little emotional. 

A few minutes later I heard the sound of paper ripping and once again went to investigate because heaven knows Blake has got himself in trouble a time or five with his siblings books, but instead I found Kendall - shredding her American Girl doll catalog to pieces. 

Um, hello Drama Queen! Kendall informed me that her stupid magazine caused the damage and she was mad at it. I simply asked her who put the magazine on top of her crowded mess of a dresser. 


I then had her clean up the second mess of the day and sit on her bed until she was ready to quit pitching a fit. 

Yes I am that mean Mom.

Since then it seemed that Kendall's love for the American Girl MONEY SCAM dynasty had waned. Until today, when Kendall came out of the bathroom channeling her inner Kirsten doll:

meet Kirsten
 And it wasn't long before she was not just ANY Kirsten, but a piano playing PRINCESS Kirsten. 

That's how this girl rolls.

I think her catalog has been forgiven. 

And can I tell you how excited I am to parent her in just a few more years when we're in full-on teen hormone mode? 


(P.S. see all those random items in the background - including the horrific Hawaiian shirt? My husband's ebay selling addiction continues people. Help me!)


  1. Sounds like good times!

  2. Oh Kendall!

    Can I just say how very glad I am in this moment to have only boys!!

  3. O sweet girl, I was just like that when I was younger; DRAMATIC!!
    Thanks for a good laugh and taking me down memory lane ! :) C

  4. I hope that special item broken wasn't what her gift from Mrs Haines. I would have blamed the magazine too!!

  5. Oh my! Patience and peace to you, dear Jodi :).

    As a side note, I had always considered American Girl dolls to be a really nice alternative to Barbies. Then I actually looked at buying one for Aurelia's birthday. Holy cows! We're having a barbie birthday in two weeks.