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You know you live in the country when...


You are kept awake at night not by the sounds of traffic, sirens, or loud music, but by the clanging of rutting bucks horn fighting outside your open bedroom window. 

No, I am not kidding. And yes, it was cool at first, but seriously... All. Night. Long??

(I do realize I could have closed the window, but OH THE STUFFINESS.)

And you definitely know you live in the country if you understand what the heck "rutting" means. :)


  1. I'm surprised Russ didn't have your dressed in camo, face painted, doe urine on your boots, and sitting in a tree stand this morning... or are you? Did you type your blog from a tree stand this morning?

  2. Well this post sure got Tim's attention!

  3. Yes Tim, you guessed it :)

    Actually not. No tags for me this year. Which is fine because he would have had to pry me out of bed kicking and screaming to get me out there that early in the morning!

  4. Gary wakes me up with his snoring... he tries to tell me it's me...!

  5. And I live near the city, so totally opposite! But I love hearing about your life and especially the WIWW posts! I've been meaning to do one for ages!