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- I woke up sore and achy from my Zumba class that was on Monday. I'm a two-day-later pain person. This was unfortunate as I had my second workout class yesterday afternoon. 

- When I went to Zumba, I found out we were doing Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred instead. I felt pain. Lots and lots of pain. I actually don't care for Jillian right now, thank you very much. I'm pretty sure I hobbled back out to the car. 

- I managed to run out of everything necessary for preparing breakfast or lunches for my family the day BEFORE grocery shopping. Bread. Milk. Cheese. Fruit. Vegetables. Yogurt. Peanut butter. Granola bars. All gone. Oddly enough, I still had everything I needed for chocolate chip cookies. I guess you can see where my grocery priorities lie. Just don't ask me what my children ate for breakfast this morning.

- I discovered the blog Catalog Living and wasted away a good 45 minutes or so of my day scrolling through pages and pages of entries because, oh the FUNNY!

- I also discovered Blake "playing" in the butter dish on my kitchen counter. With a toy truck. That he rolled in the butter and then all over my counter. Why oh why does my child always get into greasy stuff that requires much washing???

"Blake was here"
- My husband got his car back from the mechanics which meant I got MY car back from him, Thank Jesus! Arranging rides for myself and my children for 5 of the last 7 days was a hassle I was ready to be done with. And I'm betting my mother and sister (aka my ride saviors) are thanking Jesus right now too.  

- I went to Wednesday night church and ate 4 frosted sugar cookies that were brought to our class by a friend. I could not stop, they were so good. I justifed eating them by repeating three little words... "30. Day. Shred."

- For about the 400th time in my married life, I washed my bed sheets in the morning, made sure to rotate them to the dryer, and then forgot to remake the bed until it was time to get in it at night. This was to the complete and utter vexation of my husband, who, when he decides to go to bed, gets ready in all of two minutes and then wants to actually GET IN the bed. 

- I decided I shall add a second set of flannel sheets to my Christmas wish list. 


  1. I do that with the sheets often even with a couple sets.

    I always want the warm clean ones then forget.

    My new washing machine has a beep on it I can turn on or off.

    Totally helps me!


  2. Chocolate chip cookies for breakfast! Now that is my kind of morning. We try not to make them too often because of self control issues. Chocolate chip cookies just don't taste the same if they aren't fresh so of course we have to eat on entire double batch as quickly as possible:)