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Why every day is a good day


On Sundays I get to go to church (LOVE my church), see my family and friends, talk Russ into taking us out to lunch afterwards, and laze around spending quality time with my hubby and kids. Russell cooks salmon for dinner (our newest tradition) which means I'm out of the kitchen. I love Sundays!

On Mondays I get to go to my morning prayer group, which I look forward to every week, and then (when it's airing) I go to my sister-in-law Tricia's to watch The Amazing Race episode from the night before on her DVR. It's one of my top 5 shows. And she's one of my top 5 girls :) Okay so I don't really categorize my friends, but if I were to, she'd be right up there coz I love her! And I love Mondays!

On Tuesdays I get to either go to a women's bible study during the school year, or it's my "no plans" day during the summer, both of which = a happy mama. I love Tuesdays!

On Wednesdays I now get to look forward to Survivor! Which actually, I still usually have to watch on Thursdays because of Wed night church. But still! I don't have to wait until the evening! And speaking of Wed night church, I won't lie... it's a hurdle to get there every week. Hello: tired husband, tired children, and "I want to sit on the couch and do nothing". But when we DO get there we never regret it. Refreshed and refilled would best describe it and who doesn't appreciate that, right? Every other Wednesday is also the day before payday which means making up my grocery list and meal planning, and yes, I enjoy those activities. All in all, I love Wednesdays!

Thursdays = payday twice a month and guess what? I ESPECIALLY LOVE PAYDAY! I am one of those weird people that really enjoys grocery shopping. On top of that it's my fave night of TV because Thursday night means The Office. Whoo hoo Thursdays!

On Fridays my kids have a half day of school which means I get to lay Blake down for a full afternoon nap without having to wake him back up for school pickup. Often this means a full nap for mommy too and I love me a good nap. Friday nights we always do something fun, whether it be a date night, a game night at friends, or having company over. Friday nights are fun! I just love Fridays!

And on Saturdays we do the same thing as everyone else - enjoy ourselves the weekend! Who doesn't love Saturdays?!


  1. I just love you sweet dil

  2. That was a good post. Everyday is great!

  3. I love you Jodi, I am happy and content just reading your blog ...every day!! :D

  4. I cant wait to be your guest WIWW :)