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Wax on, wax off


Last night Cooper and I made some easy-peasy orange cranberry muffins for school/work lunches. And then our family ate them all. I think Russ had half of them all by himself. So, yummy-after-dinner-treat success, but saving-money-by-baking-lunch-snacks FAIL. 

We also watched The Karate Kid III with the kids and discovered that even though Russ and I had seen the first two movies about 20 times, we'd never seen the third one. How did that happen? And were they all that corny and I never realized it? By half way through I bailed and hopped on the computer. 

Not Russ. Once he starts a movie he sticks with it. Which is why I often find him watching family friendly movies all by himself, after the kids have wandered off out of boredom. (Like when I found him alone crying over The Black Stallion last week. Hilarious.)

This reason and this reason alone is how I've gotten Russ to watch many a girly chick flick with me over the years; don't tell him what it's about and wait for him to get sucked in. And by the end of the movie he most often likes it, and will even re-watch some of them with me!

I wouldn't ask him about this though if I were you, he will strongly deny it. 

I'll just say that he's watched Pride and Prejudice with me AT LEAST 3 times. 

And rest my case. 


  1. I remember seeing the Karate Kid III with Erik (notice the correct spelling) when I was in high school. We both thought it was really corny (stupid) then, although I liked the first one. I remember two other things about that night. Erik's truck broke down so someone had to come get us and I think he lost his retainer in Burger King? I think we went back and found it digging through the Burger King trash? Hopefully I'm not blending multiple stories together?

  2. Ooooh to Tim's story - digging through the trash for a retainer... that's sending ewwwey shivers down my spine.

    And hahahahaha to your story and Russ crying about the Black Stallion... I love it. And I love my goofy-wrestling-lick-your-eyeball-rough-tough-but-a-mushball-on-the-inside brother-in-law!

    I couldn't get Dave to watch Pride & Prejudice with me if he was sick and dying and couldn't move off the couch to get away from the television... sigh.

  3. Tim my faith in the original Karate Kid has been restored. Thank goodness, I wasn't ready to let go of my love of Daniel-son and Mr. Miyagi.

    And It's okay Kelly, Pride and Prejudice is not for everyone :)

  4. Oh, yes it is for everyone (Pride and Prejudice) or at least it should be. I think the next time you come over Kelly we' ll have to trick Dave into watching it. He doesn't know what he's missing!

  5. Gary loves all the Austen movies.

    He has his favorites... BBC over most American made.

    He manned-up and quit even trying to blame his wet eyes on allergies years ago. How can you not cry when the Karate kid is in the wounded pelican stance?

    Did I tell you he was totally mortified when I took him to the 3rd in the Twighlight series... :)

  6. Teri I did not know you took Gary to a Twilight movie! That cracks me up just thinking about it!! :)