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Psychological food issues


I am not a picky eater. At all. But there are a handful of foods that I don't care for and will usually avoid, as is likely true for most anyone. The weird thing is that for the most part it's not the taste of the item which makes me dislike it, and this leads me to realize that I have some psychological food issues.

Case in point: my husband recently brought home some wild game that he shot himself (bear and elk), and after having it processed he asked me to stop buying beef until we've used it up. A great money saving opportunity right? My problem is that no matter how great it might taste, or even if I can't tell the difference between it and beef because it's in a recipe with other ingredients, I can't seem to get over the fact that I know it's bear or elk meat and therefore I have a really hard time making myself eat it. And I mean a really hard time. Even though I want to like it!

Same thing with eggnog. It may taste delicious. It may not. The point is my mind knows there are raw eggs in it and I can't make myself try it to find out.

Olives... can't get past the smell.

Mushrooms... can't get over the weird rubber-like texture.

Dill pickles and black licorice... okay those just plain ol' don't taste good to me.

So really I only have two foods that I don't like the taste of! And in my defense I didn't grow up eating dill pickles (I'm not sure why, do they not have them in New Zealand besides in McDonald's hamburgers?) so I just never got used to them.

But back to my psychological issues, which I'm certain you are highly interested in, my question is how does one go about getting over them? By practice? Because I have a freezer full of meat sitting here and I won't be able to avoid it forever.

(And I don't think my genius plan of finding someone who loves wild game to secretly swap me beef for it would go unnoticed by my hunting hubby ;)


  1. We must have grown up in the same household or something. I'm completely with you in the dill pickles and black licorice department...ick!!! As for olives, I've got past my hatred of all olives and just extend that to the green variety now. And mushrooms are okay IN other things, but never raw or just by themselves.

    However where we differ is I'm incredibly intrigued by eating bear or elk... so I think you need to invite me over for dinner.

    Thank you!

  2. I am with you on the meat but OLIVES! I could eat any variety. Love, love, love them.

    I, too, have a freezer full of elk (some left from last year too) and have no desire to cook it up. This is mostly due to the fact that I'm pregnant and cooking meat makes me want to do unpleasant things. We always end up with lots of left over steaks because it is harder to hide the flavor.

    Good luck and when you kind an answer let me know!

  3. I'm with you on the olives, mushrooms, and black licorice. I don't hate any of them, but would prefer not to eat them. Now for the wild game discussion. Wild game is leaner than beef and packed with protein! The animals have fead off only the best of what nature has to offer. I read a recent study that said people who eat wild game are happier, healthier, and much more likely to succeed in life. Can't remember where I read this... okay, maybe I made this up?

  4. ha ha ha Tim! Way to speak up for the wild game industry :)

    Kelly I will make some for you if you bring me something else to eat in return ;)

    Shiree I can relate, I couldn't stand the smell of ANY raw meat when I was pregnant.

  5. Jodi with the wild game one of my tricks is to not use it in recipes I know the taste of.
    Example. Don't use venison burger in spaghetti or tacos.

    I will take venison steaks, thaw, shred in food processor. Then cook it up like regular burger with onions, salt, pepper and then you can do lots with it. stroginoph, gravy over rice. ect. somehow the shredded texture fixes it for me.
    And with the steaks...wrapped in bacon always makes yum and I always like the taste of them cooked on the bbq better.
    Don't know much about bear

  6. have you tried trading someone 2 for 1 game for beef?

  7. thanks Cara those are great ideas!

  8. The thought of eating wild game does not make me excited either. Perhaps because I remember my dad trying to trick us and mixing elk and regular hamburger together to make hamburgers on the BBQ - GROSS! And your list of dislikes are far shorter than mine if that makes you feel any better :) Can we say tomatoes(gag).

  9. I am with you Kelly on the Green Olives... Yuck!!! As far as dill pickles go; I could not live without them!
    Wild game is also very intriguing to me and maybe if Barbecued properly would entice your mind to forget that it is anything but a great piece of barbecued meat... I happen to know a guy who is pretty good at barbecuing... :-) Just a thought...........

  10. I Love black Licorice must take after your father. Game however ..I too am from the intrigued to begin with , but unexcited there after ..all I can say is what ever it is make sure it's ground up and use A LOT of "plum Sauce" it will be your best friend.