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Monday confessional - the burnt carpet and other shenanigans


Growing up, my siblings and I did numerous stupid and idiotic things that we vehemently denied out of fear of getting in trouble. 

Example #1: peeling off all the bark we could reach on a big old tree in the preschool playground over our back fence and then pleading our innocence when the preschool teachers came looking for the culprits because it was causing the tree to die. Oops, really?!! We had no idea it would do that and felt extremely guilty. Not guilty enough to confess however. 

Example #2: hiding in the tall grass field across the street from a family friend's house that our parents were visiting and throwing rocks at cars as they drove by. Oh yes we did. We got out of dodge quick when a car stopped and the driver stormed to the house looking for some parents to complain to. And then we denied it. 

At this point I would like to ask what kind of hooligans my parents thought they were raising?! Good grief, I horrify myself! But I remember in both scenarios our foolish acts were not out of maliciousness and we didn't foresee what real damage could be done. We were just extremely young and stupid. 

And speaking of young and stupid, try taping a piece of paper onto the end of a drinking straw and inserting it into your newly installed gas heater to see if it would light fire. Yes, yes it would. I was about 8 years old and my little brother Jamin, who was my poor naive accomplice, was only 6, and when it caught fire we were so shocked we dropped the straw on the carpet and burned a hole in it before we could stomp it out. And then we denied it. 

The problem was that Kelly wasn't involved in this mishap but happened upon the scene of the crime right afterward so she promptly tattled and the evidence did us in. Darn that Kelly! 

Jamin and I were given the option of getting a giant walloping with the "woppet" (yes, that was actually written on it by our mother), or spending the rest of the day in our bedrooms. We greatly feared the woppet and quickly chose our rooms, but unfortunately my room faced the driveway so I could see Kelly dancing and prancing outside my window, ON PURPOSE, gloating in her freedom and being generally evil.

I couldn't stand it. I changed my mind, faced the woppet (applied in love, or so we were told), and then stood outside Jamin's bedroom door trying to convince him to do the same so that I could play with him and NOT my sister, who after turning on us was now to be avoided like the plague. It took an hour but Jamin finally came round, and afterward I don't even remember but I can only hope we didn't speak to Kelly for the rest of the day.

I mean, of course I'm not harboring any hard feelings. I love you Kel!
Kelly, me, and Jamin in all our coordinating glory.

The real crime, I fear, are those matching homemade outfits and the corny poses that we always seemed to be caught in (as evidenced in multiple pictures from over the course of our childhood), and for that I deny ANY responsibility.


  1. Oh ho-ho-ha-ha-hee-hee... yes I remember this story well!! I think it also needs to be mentioned that the carpet was also new - way to go Jodi & Jamin!!

    I do NOT however have any recollection of hiding in grass and throwing rocks at cars? Was I part of that or has my guilty conscious caused me to suppress those memories?

    As far as the tree was concerned, it was not the preschool teachers that came asking, it was a police officer because in an untimely coincidence, the preschool was vandalized later the same night and I remember very distinctly that officer standing at our door asking if we'd heard or seen anything and me trembling with fear that he was going to send us all to jail for peeling off the tree bark.

    All of this said, the true crime was in our outfits... what was Mum thinking? I'm pretty certain that counts as child abuse... shudder, shudder. Thanks for posting those for the world to see sis! (please note the sarcasm)

  2. Smiles! Love the old pics.

  3. I think you should put those out fits on your "What I Wore Wednesday" post. they'd be a hit!

  4. that's right it WAS the police who came about the preschool! I forgot all about that. Not the terror I felt though.

    Ha ha Tricia, but mmmmmm, no.

  5. Why don't you dress your kids like that? Oh, and I didn't know you were so devious. I guess we can thank Russell for changing you?

  6. Thanks for the laughs, Jodi. Rough day here in paradise and boy did I need some funny stories.

    LOVE the "woppet"