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Laying low


I received some bad news yesterday. 

My husband's car, which overheated on the way home from work and had to be taken to our mechanics, will not be fixed until next Wedesday - at the soonest. That is 6 days, people. 6 days of living the single car family life - out in the country. With a husband who works in downtown Portland... 40 miles away. Which, believe it or not, requires a vehicle.

This came as a bit of a blow. I had expected a day or two of down time and was actually looking forward to a little forced "stay at home and do nothingness", but any more than that sounds more like "no life and slowly going insane-ness". Which I aim to avoid at all times.

I thought it might help to write out a list of all the things I could do that I've been putting off and now have zero reason to avoid, as a way of inspiration:

- make grapejuice
- wash the outside of my windows
- deep clean my house
- paint my hall closet door
- plant my bulbs for next spring

However this turned out to be inspiring in more of a laugh my head off because I know full well that having zero reason to avoid a job has never stopped me from NOT doing it before kind of way. 

This is the far more likely list of what will be going on:

- bake delicious treats
- watch movies with Blake
- read a few good books
- eat baked treats
- investigate fall boots online
- blame the disappearing treats on Blake
- email my friends to discuss important things like the upcoming elections and who got kicked off Survivor and why Glee is so morally awful but we can't stop watching it. Except without the upcoming elections part.

You know now that I think about it, maybe it won't be so bad after all!

white chocolate cake batter cookies - just one of the many baking options up my sleeve.


  1. It is just plain cruel to post pictures of such fantastically delicious looking cookies when I have NO food in the house (day 1 of the next 4-wk budgeting period). I was already hungry, now I'm salivating! :)

  2. I'm sorry that you have to lay low, but that possibly means I will have to come pick you up so we can hang out tonight and play games or something vaguely similar like play games!

  3. ha ha Tricia, I'm in for such an excellent plan!

  4. I may invite myself along since my hubby is off to Cabela's in pre-hunting preparation and I'll be all alone and gameless (tear).