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It's Scraptabulous!


In one week from today I will be leaving my cares and worries behind me (read: the children home with their father) and attending Scrap Around the Clock, a fabulous 24 hour event hosted at The Country Church of Molalla, Oregon. 

Okay so I won't just be attending, I'll be running it. But it truly is fantastic and I'll tell you why:

- 24 hrs straight of scrapbooking madness - from 6 pm on Friday, Nov 5th till 6 pm on Saturday, Nov 6th
- catered meals
- awesome welcome goodies
- hourly giveaways
- grand prize giveaways
- on site espresso cart
- on site shoulder massuese (15 minutes for 10.00!)
- movies on the big screen
- your own 6 ft table in our spacious, well-lit facilities
- bell hop service to unload your scrap supplies and load them up again at the end of the event
- vendors selling scrap supplies
- sleeping and shower facilities (if you want to stay all night, or you can leave and come back again in the morning)
- and much more. 

But most of all, holy FUN Batman!

I have been involved in running this bi-annual event for over 5 years now, and in charge of it for the past three, and I can tell you that it is a STEAL of a deal. 

Friday only: $20.00
Saturday only: $30.00
both days: $40.00

All of the proceeds go to Mighty Generations, the parenting ministry at The Country Church, which provides parenting classes to members and the community. If you live in the general area, or anywhere from Salem to Portland, you should consider attending. After Sunday, October 31st the prices go up $10.00 - but registration is not cut off, you can even pay at the door! 

If you're interested, shoot me an email at russjodi @ molalla dot net and I'll give you more details. 

Until then, I'm working away at double page layouts for our hourly giveaways, which you all know means I haven't started yet because, PROCRASTINATOR!

Luckily I have a great team to assist me...

Gaylen, Carmajo, Kelly, me and Annie
A picture from the spring Scrap Around the Clock, held back in March 2010.
lunch time - March 2010. Look at Kelly's cute belly!
Yes, that is a slice of cheesecake AND a mini banana cream pie on my plate, thank you very much!

 I am ready to get my SCRAP ON!


  1. Can.Not.Wait!!!!

    And excited to NOT be pregnant this time around... oh to be able to fit my belly right up to the table this year :)

  2. hurray for scrap-around-the-clock! It's one of my favorite times of the year:) Let's get scarpin'!

  3. wow - that looks super fun! what movies did you watch? lol!