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I'm a little excited...


Tomorrow we are having our first ever "official" family photo shoot. I do not count the JC Penny's portrait studio session we did with Kendall when she was 6 months old because for one, that was over 9 years ago and we've added a couple of kids since then, and for two, we wore matching denim. 

Let's just say you won't find that picture hanging on our walls.

You may think the family picture on my "about me" page was professionally done but actually it was the awesome work of my wonderful sister who ran up after church one Sunday last December to take a family picture for our Christmas cards. It was sunny out but freezing cold so we were outside all of 5 minutes. 

Literally, we ran out, laid on the ground, snapped about 3 pics, and then ran back inside. Hence the miracle of us all looking at the camera and smiling at the same time - in not one, but two shots!

2009 Christmas card photo
Kelly knows a few fancy photoshop tricks thankfully because what you can't see is the metal farm fence post that was sticking up right between Russ and my heads!

No, tomorrow is a professional shoot with a real photographer (who is also a sweet friend) and she is coming to our place so we'll have lots of outdoorsy options, since we have a lot of outdoors :) Besides family shots we'll get pics of Russ and I, just the kids, etc, etc. We weren't really thinking about doing a session until we heard about Shay's sweet fall deal and thought it was just too good to pass up. If you live anywhere between Portland and Salem, Oregon check out Be Photography's page on Facebook.

Today I caught up on our laundry so that I would have all possible clothing options available while I worked on coordinating (NOT matching) outfit choices. This may have been counter-productive however, as now I'm still not sure exactly what we're going to wear because I have too many options!

Sometimes I'm not so good with decisions.

What I AM good at is spontaneous and last minute, so I'm not stressing, just super excited! Stay tuned in the future to see how they turned out :)


  1. love that Shay girl!

  2. Ah, thanks Jodi! I'm just now catching up on my blog reading from the past, oh I don't know... week or so! Thanks for the advertising! You guys were great yesterday and I can't wait to get through the 5 other photo shoots I have to edit and start working on yours!