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The great cookie mystery


Yesterday morning I made a batch of afghan cookies (thank you Edmonds cookbook from New Zealand) and when they came out of the oven I counted 26 cookies. 

I immediately ate two and gave one to Blake. Make that 23 cookies. 

Then I had to run down to the school office so I took my sister three cookies. Down to 20.

When Kendall and Cooper came home from school I let them have two each. 16 cookies left. 

And one more for all three kids after dinner. 13 remaining cookies.

Russell worked really late and never had any. 

So how did this happen?

 I either did my math wrong... or I plead the fifth.


  1. Sounded like a Friday Confessional to me?

  2. Those must have been some really good cookies for someone to come along and still them right from under your nose! Did you ever find out who took them?! (Ha, Ha!)

  3. Wish I'd thought to come steal the rest. The 3 you brought down went way too quickly.

    And to help your case...they were really small cookies.

  4. I think that perhaps baking yet another batch would help you keep a much better count, Call me... I would happily volunteer to come and help you count them with you :D

  5. Cara I confess NOTHING! :)
    Tricia it remains a mystery!
    Kelly they were small weren't they! I guess that's why WHOEVER ate them could eat so many...
    Mum excellent idea!