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And then I passed out from exhaustion


News flash: being temporarily without a vehicle does not necessarily mean you'll be stuck at home all day.

In fact, yesterday could not have been any crazier, in a fun but let's not do that again anytime soon kind of way. 

I'm tired is what I'm saying.

I was up bright and early to get ready for a fun day out with some girlfriends to visit the cute town of nearby Silverton, OR. Tricia graciously picked Blake and I up and after dropping Blake off at a sitter we met up with our friends and hit the drive-thru espresso bar before heading out. Our day was planned in honor of two lovely ladies visiting from New York and guess what? They informed us that there are no drive-thru espresso bars out East. What the hey? Hello convenience! So it turns out I won't be relocating to the East Coast anytime soon. 

We hit the downtown area and visited some cute antique and 2nd hand stores before enjoying a delicious lunch at Thai Dish. I LOVE Thai food (coconut milk, peanut sauce, mmmm...) and was not disappointed. And, it turns out when you have something sweet for your entree, you don't feel the need to order dessert to satisfy your sweet tooth, so I feel that more Thai dining will be in my future - for diet and money-saving reasons of course.

After picking up Blake and returning home (thanks again Tricialicious!) I changed into workout clothes and then waited impatiently for Russ to arrive so I could have the car. I was a little excited to go to my first ever Zumba class! Two ladies in our church just started leading classes this week and not only are they free, but childcare is available for free as well. Leaving me without a reason to not go. Which I didn't need because I've been wanting to try Zumba for months now!

And try it I did. Master it I most definitely did not. I would go into details about the class, but honestly, I don't need any more people laughing at me in one day. Me + coordinated rhythmic moves = comedic sideshow. But based upon the amount of sweat that dripped off my body I would say it worked the way it was supposed to so I'll be back again on Wednesday for more. 

I will master you Zumba, eventually!

I was supposed to pick up Russ and the kids afterward and then head straight to our nephew's football game which had already started, but as I showed up drenched and panting I opted to let them go without me and hopped in the shower for the second time in one day. I didn't have long to apply fresh makeup and get dressed again before Russ and the kids came back to pick me up so we could go BACK down to the school, this time for our niece's volleyball match. 


With our good Aunt and Uncle duties fulfilled, we were home again at 6:15 pm, just in time to throw something together quick to eat and then it was out the door for the FOURTH TIME. Russ went to the first night of the new fall men's bible study while my Nanna picked me and the kids up to head to my sister's for a Thirty-One gift party Kelly was hosting. I bribed Kendall and Cooper with dessert to stay in Hayden's room with him and Blake and keep them occupied while the party was going on and then I may have enjoyed a piece or two of dessert myself. Alright I totally pigged out on Kelly's homemade carrot cake and raspberry coconut bars.

I also suffered some major porch envy:

How cute is that? 

And then I came home and CRASHED. Frankly I'm not sure how much more of this stuck-home-without-a-car business I can handle. 


  1. One of the best parts of that day was that I did not see any laundry, dishes,etc., in there! Or was that stuffed in there somewhere and not blogged about?! Because if so, you go girl!

  2. Sounds like you had plenty of time to hang some sheet rock in your new addition or rebuild one of Russ and Dave's play structures? Well, maybe tomorrow?

  3. Thanks! Now, I too, suffer from front porch envy! This is the first year since Hazel was born that I have pulled out my few fall decorations. She gets into so much that I just didn't want to fight about it. I think I might even be brave enough to try a Christmas tree this year! I know. I'm bad. Enjoy the rest of your "relaxing" week!

  4. You WILL master Zumba Jodi. Just gotta forget there is anyone else in the room, and rock those hips baby! So glad you joined us!

  5. All I can say Jod, is when I come to will make you look reeaally good!!