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10 Things I Love


1. Cottage cheese with canned pears or peaches. This is one of the snacks that I've loved since I was a kid and will NEVER get tired of.

2. Candles that smell liked baked goods. Surprise, surprise, I know.

3. Climbing into freshly laundered flannel sheets on my bed with bare legs. Oh heaven!

4. The movie The Fugitive. My dad took me on a date to see it at the theaters when I was 15 and I loved Harrision Ford almost as much as my father after that night :)

5. Summer. I miss it already. 

6. MAC makeup. I'm addicted. 

7. A clean kitchen. Which leads to a really weird habit of putting cooking ingredients, or food in general, away the minute I use them instead of all at the same time at the end of fixing/cooking/baking something. Example: bowl of cereal for breakfast? I put the cereal back away before I get the milk out and pour it in my bowl. I told you, weird. 

8. White chocolate mochas... mmmm! Peppermint, coconut, and caramel are some of my fave flaves. Non-fat, single shot and no whip please. Although in the fall I switch to Starbuck's pumpkin spice lattes with 2 extra pumps of syrup :)

9. A warm fire burning in my fireplace - this almost makes up for the lack of summer.

10. Shopping on the day after Thanksgiving with all the other crazies. Yes I love it and I don't care who knows it!


  1. I'm 100% with you on almost all of those...except I put everything away at once at the end in the kitchen. However, I abandon your train of thought completely on #10 - I'll sleep in and enjoy the day off thank you very much.

  2. I like to put things away also. Now if I could only train my kids to do the same:)And who doesn't like Harrison Ford!