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While the hubby's away the wifey will play


Russ is gone. Has been for 2 days now. He'll be back on Sunday and in the meantime I'm trying to fill up my days with fun in an effort to avoid the growing feelings of resentment and bitterness that can sometimes come when your husband is away playing (elk hunting) and you are stuck home to take care of three children by yourself. And sleep alone.

Not that I ever harbor feelings of resentment or bitterness towards my husband! Oh no. Except when he's gone hunting. Then maybe I do a little bit, sometimes.

But I'm trying to have a good attitude this time. Because if anyone knows Russ they know what a hard worker and dedicated husband he is and I think he should enjoy his week away without feeling guilty for going. At least that's what I tell myself I think :) 

Anyways, I believe I was talking about fun filled days? Yesterday was one of them. I attend a small weekly prayer group every Monday morning that prays for our churches (church's?) Pastors. My mother-in-law is one of the ladies that attends and afterward I asked her what her plans were for the day. Then I invited myself and Blake along, as long as she went out to eat Thai food with me for lunch. An offer that's hard to refuse right? She was all for it, yeah! 

After lunch, a quick trip into the mall, and a stop at Dairy Queen for my new favorite treat: the mini banana cream pie blizzard without whipped topping (because I'm dieting you see), we decided we had enough time for a quick trip into the Goodwill. A place that's right up there with Walmart in it's suck-you-in-so-you-can't-escape draw. We found some great deals and may or may not have accidentally stayed a little bit too long so that I was late for school pickup and had to call my sister to go grab my kids and send them to the playground until I got there. Again. Just like last Thursday when I went grocery shopping. 

I love you Kelly! Thank you for working at my children's school, it's so convenient of you!

I also love you Teri! Thanks for such a fun day out, I'll pick up your dry-cleaning with you any day. As long as Thai cuisine is involved of course.

And don't think my fun day ended at school pick up. After a lovely nap with Blake and a quick dinner we headed over to my parents to visit their adorable new puppy Bindi, an Australian shepherd/Siberian huskie mix. Blake called her Bambi all evening. And then, when I was ready to head home again to my lonely empty house, guess who called? 

Russell with cell phone reception in the Eastern Oregon mountains is who! I can tell you right now that my master plan of a week of fun is working because I was not pouty and sad and "I miiisssss you honnneeeyyy" on the phone, I was happy and cheerful and "I'm so glad you're having a good time babe! (even though it's without me!)"

The banana bread baking in Mum's oven may have helped too. Oh yes, the banana bread has returned! But I was smart this time and made it at someone else's house. And I only brought half a loaf home with me too, because, I mentioned I'm on a diet right?


  1. It was a lovely day, thank you. I won;t mention that my weight was up a skosh this morning from the diet Thai food.

  2. I TOTALLY hear ya! Nathan leaves tonight for 12 days and inside I'm pouty, sad, and scared and on the outside trying to be happy and supportive. Because, you are right, he's a hard worker and deserves a break. Even if his break is to go out and work to provide us with meat for the year. :)It sure is nice to know I'm not the only "hunting widow" that feels this way. Enjoy your week!

  3. Jod, Darling, you are funny! I love the way you diet. It's right up my alley!

  4. I gained 5lbs on your diet! Hmmmmm.

  5. Can TOTALLY relate to the whole "feeling resentment but really feel like you deserve time away with the boys and I want to be supportive". Of course, it might be easier to feel supportive and happy if I had had a single girl trip to balance out the ten week-long boy trips that have taken place over the course of our marriage. But there's fair and there's what a grad student budget can afford. bitterness here! ;-p