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What I Wore Wednesday


It's been a busy week! Lots of fun things going on right now, and cooler weather means more layering pieces are coming out of the closet. I'm a summer girl but I love fall fashion!

 Thursday: grocery shopping & errands
cropped jacket: Burlingtons
turtleneck sweater top underneath: Ross
jeans: Old Navy
polka dot flats and bracelet (really a necklace): Claires
I want to switch out the buttons on this jacket to big brown ones - it's a bit bright and the even brighter buttons don't help. It's a little low on my "to procrastinate" list however. (There's like 9 buttons on that thing!) 

 Friday: date night!
top: Dress Barn
black cami: Diviine Modestee
jeans: Gap from the Goodwill
red flats and silver bracelets: Walmart

earrings: bday gift from my sister-in-law
diamond circle necklace: Christmas gift from my husband several years ago.  
(He got up at 4 am the day after Thanksgiving to go buy it for me God bless his heart!)

 Sunday: church
green top: Shade
skirt & belt: Maurice's
necklace: Forever 21
chocolate wedges: thrifted

 Monday: fun day out with my mother-in-law
ruffle top: the Goodwill
cardigan: Old Navy from a garage sale
capri's & necklace: Fred Meyer
sandals: Target

Tuesday: salon appointment
tunic, belt and shoes: the Goodwill
jeans: Old Navy
turquoise earrings and bracelet: gifts

Question: I am aware that the fashion now is to wear tunic tops/dresses over leggings or skinny jeans but I own zero leggings and don't fit into my skinny jeans right now so is this an outfit fail with my bootcut jeans? I was just sooo excited to wear my latest Goodwill find!

And here's an extra of my sister, because sometimes when I pick up my kids from school I like to go visit her in her office just to see what she's wearing. She's pretty much always super cute!

dress: Walmart
jacket: Costco
shoes: Payless
necklace: Claires
black hoop earrings: Target

Happy Wednesday everyone, check out other What I wore posts at The Pleated Poppy.


  1. Wow Jodi, I watched you pick out that tunic top and it didn't look nearly as impressive as it does in the picture, CUTE!

  2. Love love love how you accessorize your outfits. That green jacket and the polka dot top are my favorites.

  3. Love your Sunday outfit and Tuesdays is very cool combo!

  4. I can't believe you remember where you bought everything! A mind like a steal trap (at least when it comes to fashion, but not when you have an extra $20 in your purse!)

  5. You are the only person I know who can find cute stuff at the goodwill and then make an outfit out of it! Next time I go you are coming with me. Again, love all the outfits! You are my fashion guru.

  6. I am in LOVE with that polka dot top. It's adorable - polka dots AND ruffles? Seriously!

  7. Love them !..TUESDAY IS AN EXCEPTIONALY CUTE PIC ..( and the outfit is amazing too )

  8. LOVING the polka dot shoes and the Forever 21 necklace. You have really fun style! Thanks for the comment on my blog, too! :)