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What I Wore Wednesday - camp edition


I'm missing a few pics but here is my camping edition of What I Wore Wednesday, started by Lindsey over at The Pleated Poppy. After doing this weekly for, hmmm, 8 weeks now? I would like to report that it has helped me immensely with my goal of not wearing sweats and pj's every day that I'm home (which is often). Yay for WIWW!

Thursday: packing for camp
blue tank: Old Navy
pink cami: Diviine Modestee
cuffed jeans: Old Navy
flops: Nike from Fred Meyers

Friday: off to Foster Lake for a glorious 4 days at family camp
pink tank: Aeropostale
white cami: Diviine Modestee
skirt: Target
flops: Fred Meyers

Saturday: bike riding on my sweet vintage Schwinn cruiser
tank: Old Navy
tankini swim suit:  Macy's several years ago
capris: Union Bay from Fred Meyers 
(bought fresh out of high school, oh, 13 YEARS AGO!)
flops: Fred Meyers

Monday: Gotta love sweats.
tee: Old Navy
white cami: it's the Diviine Modestee one again
baggy sweats: my fave and from the Goodwill

Tuesday: back home and back to school! (for my 2 oldest children)
top: Maurices
cami: yep, same one. Don't worry I do wash it! Plus, I have 2 white ones!
jeans: Gap from Goodwill
suede flats: Goodwill
earrings: Forever 21, bracelet: Bass outlet

A word about my camis that you see in Every.Single.WIWW post. So I have a large chest alright? And any cami with a built in shelf bra is useless to me, the shelf inside is never tall enough so it pulls the whole thing down. Giving me serious cleavage issues. Which I am opposed to. Because I have a large modesty streak in me. And don't care for the floozy look. (No offense if your tastes differ).

Several years ago, when layering was just beginning to come in style (hallelujah), I saw an ad, in a scrapbooking magazine of all places, for Diviine and thought I'd check it out, even though it had a seriously weirdly spelled name. I then bought a billion cami's (ok, about 10 over several months), loved them, and to this day continue to wear them with EVERYTHING. 

Since then I've discovered Shade Clothing, Mod Bod, and DownEast Basics (my fave), which are much better clothing sites in my opinion, but I still love my Diviine cami's because they are straight across the top and the straps are widely placed. AND over the years they have held up beautifully. I'm hooked.

Gotta love them Mormon entrepreneurs and their modesty :)


  1. LOL! I had no idea that Diviine Modestee was a LDS company...too funny but that makes sense. I have that Old Navy tank in gray and black and LOVE IT!

    Did you have fun camping?

  2. I have the gray & black one as well and wore it camping Sunday when I didn't get a pic. I have to try not to wear them too often! Camping was a BLAST, thanks for asking :)

  3. I was just asking another wiww poster where she got her cami from, I need some! She said Down East, since that's your recommendation too I guess I should look into ordering some.
    Love you in the green top by the way!

  4. Yea for Diviine Modesty! However, I'm still in for wearing sweats as mush as possible when I am at home! I guess I just don't want to clean in my nice clothes and get them ruined. And an added bonus (of sweats) is the sheer comfort of them. Maybe they'll start making fashion sweats. One can always dream!

  5. Oh they make them Tricia! They're called Juicy Couture and are only $80-100 for each separate piece! But if you move now you can get a sweat jacket on sale at Nordstroms for only $50! oh ho ho ho he ha ha :)
    Truly, I still love my sweats for lounging. I guess I should say I've improved immensely in attempting to dress cuter for everyday errands, etc. where I'm only going out for a bit and wouldn't normally bother changing.