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Official warning: this may be a very solid case of "oversharing" but I'm just gonna go for it because I'm tired, and, well that's actually my only excuse...

I've lost a bra. My white one. My only white one. And it's driving me bananas. It's not in any of my drawers. Or my closet. Or in the clean laundry. Or the dirty laundry. It is in fact, no where to be found. 

How does one lose a bra? It's not like I took it off somewhere outside of my house (or my bedroom for that matter) and left it behind! This leads me to ponder a little... where was the last time I stayed the night somewhere else and could have even possibly taken off my one and only white bra? 

Unfortunately I come up with an answer. Our church family camp on Labor day weekend. Specifically: the public showers!

Well that would be embarrassing!

How does one go about attempting to retrieve it now? By asking my fellow church attending campers, "Did anyone find and bring home a white bra?" The answer to that is a resounding "No". For one: I would rather lose the bra than admit it was mine if someone had found it. For two, who in their right mind would pick up someone else's abandoned undergarment?

No one, is who. 

And since that is therefore a dead end to finding my bra and I'm a much more optimistic person than that, I'm going to abandon such a train of thought altogether and tell myself that it is not possible, I could not have possibly done such a thing AND NOT REALIZED IT AT THE TIME OF EXITING THE SHOWER WITHOUT IT.

At this point I will need to tell you to ignore and dismiss from your memory every single one of my past Monday Confessionals that have to do with my airheaded forgetfulness and believe along with me... it HAS to be here somewhere. It just has to. 

So I'm off to look again. For the one gazillionith time. Wish me luck!


  1. you are adorable and you and how you make me lol!!!!

  2. Good hunting ,Jodi (Russell would be proud of me right now for saying "hunting") Your not in this boat alone. I once also, when I was but a teenager, misplaced said item and to my chagrin it was my only one at the time. The story does not end well, it was never to be found again. Ugh!

  3. Oh my sweet sister!
    AND what did you do Tisha?
    I can't believe either of you lost anything.
    I would never, ever do that!

  4. Oh my.

    And again I say oh my! Overshare in deed. But hilarious as usual. Only you Jodi (and apparently Tricia too).

    Love it, love you!

  5. Check the trailer know how it is.. you look umpteen times in the same place for something hoping it will just re appear "this particular reality ..perhaps it got stuck between cushion or something.. Sorry Honey.

  6. Oh how you make me laugh! Just another reason why I love you so!

  7. Yay, another commonality (is this a word?) I now share with you Jodi. I hope you find it! And I just love your mom's post, so motherly and practical. CUTE!--love sarah