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Join on in folks! "Together again, together forever until basketball season..."

The mighty hunter has returned, my white bra is no longer MIA, and all is well with the world once again!

(Two completely unrelated events by the way.)

I have had so much to catch Russ up on since he came home last night...

  • Kendall and Cooper's backseat squabble that resulted in Kendall emerging with a bleeding face. 
  • the anger and frustration felt by a mother of backseat fighting children.
  • Blake's promotion of Cooper from "Poop" to "Toop". Finally. 
  • a detailed breakdown of the premiere of Survivor Nicaragua (against Russell's will).
  • my Goodwill finds and a description of what I wore them with (also against his will).
  • my sleepover at Jana's and how we stayed up till 2:30 am and had TOO. MUCH. FUN.
  • my coming plans for the week and Russell's involvement in them (staying home to watch the kids) and my assurance that there would indeed be a revolt if he was not on-board after leaving me for a week.
  • the news that his sister and brother-in-law had been out of town due to the death of his brother-in-law's grandfather.
  • after reading his sisters blog this afternoon, the news that oops, it was NOT the grandfather, who is in fact alive and well.
  • and other equally fascinating stories of life on the home front.

Russell listens patiently and attentively when he comes home from a trip, knowing that if he sits through all of my storytelling that he will then have a willing victim for all of his hunting stories (which he will continue to re-tell me frequently over the course of the next couple of weeks). 

We have a good system :)
Rocky Mountain elk

resting during the 9 mile pack out
And the hunting stories are exciting this year!


    1. Loved it again. Toop, huh?!

    2. Yes, where was the bra indeed??? So glad it's not lost and forgotten in the corner of the bathrooms at the campground, doomed to spend the rest of it's supportive existence in a dingy lost & found, or garbage can.

      And thank you for clarifying the whole "who died and who didn't" because you temporarily put me into a state of confusion/semi-panic. Confusion because I was sure Marv & Vi would have been gone last week if that was really the case, and semi-panic that perhaps they were and I just didn't notice and we didn't send a card!!

      Must hear more about the bleeding face incident too. That's a new one for the record books!

      Love it, love you!

    3. well it's embarrassing to admit because I looked there at least 3 times: in my laundry room. I think it had invisible powers the first few times!