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Out and about


Yesterday turned out to be quite the busy day. And also quite the hot day. Holy heavens was it hot! Which was a tragedy really because I finally braved up to wear some skinny jeans with a long cardigan and had to shed them by 11 am I was so sweaty. I did get to wear them to my prayer group in the morning, but as I walked in a few minutes late and everyone turned to look at me, I felt so self-conscious that I blurted out for everyone to please not laugh because I was "experimenting". Not quite the low-key debut I was going for.

After outfit change #1 (into denim capri's and a tank top) it was off to my Mum's to make my yearly supply of plum sauce. I am proud to announce that I did not forget any ingredients and things went just swell. Before I give myself too much credit however please remember that I made it at my mother's house... because I'm still too scared to do it all on my own. Why this is, I don't know, moral support I guess. 

what it looks like before it has cooked down.
All finished. Feels good to accomplish something like this!
We could buy plum sauce in New Zealand but it's not popular here, or even the same thing when you do find it, so we make it. Picture ketchup that's made with plums instead of tomatoes and is therefore sweeter and you'll get an idea of what I'm talking about. We use it just like you would ketchup, and also in several recipes. It's especially good with battered fish. 

Next on the agenda was a trip to the eyeglass center with Kendall because if you will recall I "broke" her glasses last week. Kendall and I amused ourselves by playing "I Spy" and 20 Questions in the waiting room for 10 years before finally getting called in, and during that time I may or may not have mentioned offhandedly that we should perhaps keep the part about soaking her glasses in hot water to reshape them on the "down low" if they didn't ask.

Kendall smiled and said okay, and then BLURTED OUT THE ENTIRE STORY within 30 seconds of talking to the nice lady helping us. God bless her sweet forgetful soul, and the Lord for my lesson of the day! Thankfully the glasses are still under warranty and new frames have been ordered. 

Back home after picking up my boys from Mum's, then a change into outfit #3 (a light cotton skirt) because our hot day had turned even hotter, and ickedly humid to boot, and I was starting to look like I'd just been swimming except I hadn't. We then were off again to friends for dinner.

Brian is an old childhood friend of Russell's and an all-around great guy and his wife Sarah is about the funnest girl you could meet. They have the most adorable little guy and all three of my kids enjoyed playing with him (and okay, his baby toys too). We had a great time visiting and eating outside once it started cooling off and then while the guys talked hunting I spent the rest of the night talking poor Sarah's ear off because I don't see her enough and I had to gush over her mad sewing skills.

Take a peek at this beauty! Her first one and her first zipper!! I told Kendall, who is starting 4-H sewing this year, that I'll buy her whatever she needs if she learns to make a bag like this for her mama.

By the time my day was over I was officially pooped. And if you made it all the way to the end of this I congratulate you because obviously my gabbing didn't end when we left Brian and Sarah's last night. 


  1. I love your gabbing and you always make me laugh! dad had ne read and bookmark yours and Cara's blogs last night...he thinks you are funny too.

    I need to find some plums and ...ake some of that plum sauce-sans skins.

  2. Thanks Teri, you always make me feel good :) I vote for you to definitely make plum sauce again, that way I have one more source to steal from when mine runs out! he he :)

  3. I thougth the pants looked great!! AND I am not just saying that.

  4. I'm gaping a moment. Now that I have a google account my "Leave Your Comment" page is different. I hope I can figure this out and it doesn't take me a half hour to do it! I'm with Danielle you're jeans looked good on you. Maybe that will make me brave enough to buy some for myself, maybe!

  5. I cracked up reading about Kendall's blurt ..too funny!!