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Monday confessional


Here's another one from back in the day... 

It's my sophomore year of high school and  I'm 15 years old. My friend Jessie and I are in love with these stick figure t-shirts at the mall, the ones where the stick figures are doing comical things with funny captions below. They were the bomb in 1995 okay? One day I finally have an opportunity to buy one and after telling Jessie that I'm heading to the mall that afternoon she gives me a $20 bill to pick her up one as well, telling me which one she wants.

Fast forward to the mall where I am now shopping with another friend, one who knows nothing about my t-shirt purchasing arrangement. I buy my shirt but somehow forget all about the one for Jessie. Not only do I forget all about it, I discover the $20.00 in my purse and believe I've happened upon a wonderful occurrence, finding money I forgot I had. AND THEN I SPEND IT ON MYSELF.

Now fast forward to the next day at school. Not only am I still completely ignorant of the incredibly air-headed mistake I made, but I wear the clothing item I bought with the "extra" money I found and then show it off to all my friends, including Jessie, telling them about my great money discovery. 

Oh heavens I'm cringing even now just remembering it.

Jessie is incredulous, as I'm well sure you can imagine, and politely asks if I remembered her t-shirt or perhaps did I just spend her money on myself instead. And then I die. Seriously, there are no depths to my mortification.

Oh how I was teased! You better believe I borrowed money from my Dad and fast-tracked it back to the mall pronto to buy Jessie her shirt. Thankfully she had a good sense of humor and was very forgiving, because good gravy I needed it!

I wish I could tell you that was the only time in my life that I've found money in my purse and forgot what it was for and spent it. But that would be a total lie. I'm pretty sure that was the only time it was someone else's money however!


  1. Note to self: never give Jodi $20 to buy me a t-shirt at the mall!:)

  2. HI-larious!!!! I totally remember this tale, and still find it just as funny now.

    Love it, love you!

  3. "BORROWED money from Dad" ya - Right!

  4. makes me hurt for Jessie, glad you have grown out of those teen-ager ways, and any $ I leave in your purse is yours to keep :)