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The missing farewell card


When we went to give our last goodbyes and kisses to my grandparents and Aunt before they left the States on Wednesday Kendall and Cooper decided to make farewell cards for them. But somehow in the shuffle of loading everyone up in the car, one card was left behind at our house - Cooper's card to his Granny. He was quite sad and sorry about this so Grandma suggested he email it to her and that perked him up.

So without further ado... the final farewell!
Cooper is on top of the plane saying "Hehe now I can stay with them" and I think that's me yelling at him from the ground. I'm glad he captured my feelings so well.
"will miss you" "do you haft to lea-v?"
It's quite something that ALL FOUR of my children's great-grandmothers are still alive, something we definitely don't take for granted. And we're not really worried about losing any of them any time soon either, especially Granny from New Zealand...
Aug 2010
because as you can see she's the picture of health! And cuteness, and slimness, and great-leggedness, and why oh why didn't I get my 80 year old Grandmother's genes?! 

Sorry, got side-tracked. 

We love you Granny, and Granddad and Aunt Wenda too, come back to us soon!

1 comment:

  1. AAargghh!
    Look at those New Zealand 80 plus year old legs!
    I too am gene blessed and challenged. Did you know that Russ's maternal great-great grandmother was half Indian? She was from Canada and her name was 'Neota' She was shaped like my mother. I think her genes are highlighted in my sisters and my shape.
    I hope for the New Zealand side physic to show up in my grandchildren!