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How to frustrate me - a tutorial


  1. Put a cute little movie clipboard symbol in blogger (where I am blogging) that says "insert a video" when you scroll over it, making me want to find a video clip on my computer to upload so I can try it out.
  2. Fail to upload the video clip of my cutest ever 4 month old nephew Elijah "talking" to me, over and over and over and over and over until I give up and blog about my missing bra, which is not exactly a stellar replacement (and is still missing by the way).
  3. Show me "Vimeo" as a suitable video hosting choice in my google search for an alternate way to add my clip and make it super easy to register and get started.
  4. But then take 45 minutes to upload my 1 minute video.
  5. And then take 20 minutes to "convert" it.
  6. And then tell me that the video upload "failed".
  7. With zero explanation of why.
Look at that - only 7 easy steps and you're done! I am officially frustrated.

Well fine then, I won't try to broaden my blogging horizons and add a video clip.

At least not tonight. Because while I was waiting a tediously long amount of time for my video to upload, unsuccessfully, I started watching the movie "Deja Vu" and am now officially sucked in.

Gotta go!


  1. Try youtube. That's what I resorted to.

  2. Yikes! Your bra is still missing?! Just kidding:) I was frustrated just reading it. But that's about how I feel every time I try to get my new printer to do something!

  3. Ooooh, I will be waiting anxiously to see that adorable video - have I mentioned that he might be the cutest baby EVER (of course I'm slightly bias) but really... cutest baby ever!!!

  4. Ha, blogger certainly tests my patience, too!