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Generic or namebrand?


Spellbinding thought, I know. What's your preference?! :)

Yesterday was my bi-monthly grocery trek into town and since I do a little something called Project Life, where I take a picture a day to capture a year in the life of my family, I had my camera in my purse with me. It has come in handy many a time, like when I want to snap cute pictures like this...
or this.
That would be my most awesome, handsome, adorable and single baby brother Jamin, playing with his two youngest nephews after an outdoor church service. He's good with kids ladies! ;)

Back to the grocery store however, I was working really hard to stay within my grocery budget for once and gave myself a little pep talk to ignore the brand and go for the best deal. I finally delved into the bulk section, something I've never really done before because, "hello, my name is Jodi and I don't like change". I'm pretty much same stores, same direction inside store, same items... you get the drift. 

But guess what? Bulk bins are FUN! I know I saved money, but we'll never know exactly how much because figuring that out would require me to do math. Umm no.
hello cute little bulk bags!
FYI: those pastel mints in the front? My favorite treat IN THE WORLD (besides Cadbury cream eggs). That bag started out a good 1/3 larger than that, enough for a two week pay period you might assume. But based on my consumption today alone, it might last till Saturday if I'm lucky. 

Moving on. 

I did realize that there are a couple of items that I am a complete brand snob about and I will now showcase them for you, because remember? Spellbinding? hehehe...

Item #1: There is no other in the world for me. Yes I know it is not the healthiest choice. Or even a healthy choice. So be it. I love you JIF!

 Item #2: If there is one thing in the world I hate more than single ply toilet paper, it's toilet paper that leaves white fluff behind. On your behind. Ha! The solution? Charmin Ultra strong - double rolls. Try it. 

Item #3: Tillamook cheese. From Tillamook, Oregon. People there is a major difference in cheddar cheeses out there, be aware!

There. I don't think three items to be a brand snob about is too shabby!

Although while I was taking pictures, I realized there are a few items from New Zealand that I am picky about too (and can't live without)...
Kraft Vegemite, Whitlock's tomato chutney, and Cerebos tomato relish. Yum, yum, and yum. My grandparents just brought me a fresh stock so I'm good for a couple more years, enough time for one or another of my family to travel and get some more. I know I could probably find them in some store like World Market but it would cost an arm and a leg and possibly be made in China. Not the real deal folks. Also included in this picture should be chocolate from NZ but that is sadly long gone by now. 

And thus concludes my grocery showcase. Tomorrow: cleaning supplies. 



  1. I must be a bit of a food snob too because I buy those exact three items myself and can not choose a different brand. I bought lesser toilet paper once, and my hiney still shudders just thinking about it.

    I also have the same three NZ items too, except my Whitlocks is getting dangerously low... sad.

    Congrats on going bulk too... I'm not that brave yet.

  2. I LOVE bulk foods and have found them so handy. I had no idea about your NZ items, I learn something new every day! And I see the first pick was in Safeway....did you buy the breadsticks?! LOL