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Fall has landed!


First day of school today and we woke up to rain. Lovely. Way to ease us in gently, fall weather!

Thankfully it didn't dampen my children's spirits, only mine, what with the solid 5 minutes I spent straightening my hair gone to waste the second I stepped outdoors and all.

Kendall is now a proud 4th grader and Cooper a grown-up 2nd grader.

Blake at this point also believes he is a first-time school attender and is in for quite a disappointing morning. 

Traditional pic with Aunt Kelly in her school office.
He was cheered up by a trip to Nanna's however (one of his 4 great-grandmothers) and took a gloriously long nap there while Nanna and I played on her computer, loading pictures to facebook and confusing ourselves immensely with the mystery that is the external hard drive and the 1 million files it can contain (or so it would seem).

My lunch date turned into an all afternoon and early evening date, and a lovely time was had by all. Except my husband, who had to deal with the flat tire from our camping trip (see yesterday's post) when he got home from work. Apparently Les Schwab's roadside assistance couldn't budge the stuck lug nut either and had to temporarily plug the hole in our tire to get our vehicle to the tire center, just in time for it to close.

Yes, I am once again carless for another day.

But giggling over this one-liner from Kendall after school today, "Mom, I am soooooo excited to study the Oregon Trailer this year!"

Reminds me of the time I made an "all about me" book back in 4th grade... I drew a picture of my face and wrote the description "I have a molar beside my nose". 

Mole/molar, Oregon Trail/trailer, same dif right Kendall? :)


  1. Oh my goodness your last little paragraph there made me just spit my Pepsi out all over my desk. (at least not out my nose) but very funny!!

    Love it, love you!

  2. Wow, Kendall is SUCH a young lady now! Fourth grade?!

    I have some self-portraits from early elementary school where I drew myself with a line down my face: one half white, the other half red. Apparently drawing the birthmark itself was very important but I couldn't be bothered about the details. :) Ah, kids.

  3. agrammalammdingdongSeptember 9, 2010 at 8:19 PM

    I love keeping up with the you via the pics & notes, so fun!