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Cwocodiles out the window


While driving into the city yesterday morning for Blake's very belated two year check up at the Doctor's (his birthday was in March - yes I am ashamed) Blake decided to spot and announce animals out the car window.

These were the confirmed sightings:
- "aminals"
- a farm
- chickens
- cows
- goats
- a dog
- horsies

The following sightings remain unconfirmed:
- a "cwocodile"
- "cows dwiving a car"

As to that last one, I think he's seen the movie "Barnyard" a few times too many.

And here he is at the Doctor's office, getting measured...
Happy and innocent. Clueless to the fact that he's about to get a shot. It pretty much went downhill from here folks.

Now, next on my agenda: schedule his two year pictures!

1 comment:

  1. Cwocodiles huh... makes me think of "I tawt I taw a puddy-tat".

    As far as 2-yr pictures are concerned, why don't you just have Shay take some pics of Blake when you do your family shoot coming up? I loved the pics she got of Hayden!