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What I Wore Wednesday - week 5


Welcome to another exciting week of looking at my wardrobe! Oh the fun never ends around this place does it? ;)

Wednesday: scrapbooking at my sister-in-law's (we're having weird weather here this week).
track jacket: Nike outlet
tank: Shade
sweats: Nike - Costco
flip lops: old - ?

Thursday: grocery shopping - twice! 
sweater: Ross
cami: Diviine Modestee
skirt: Maurices (50% off clearance!)
sandals: rummage sale

necklace: Claires clearance - $3.00!

Friday: back to my sister-in-law's for MORE scrapbooking. Oh and look the heat's back!
brown tank: Target
white cami: Diviine Modestee
skirt: Target
flip flops: Fred Meyers
bracelet: Maurices

Saturday morning: group leader's meeting at church then garage saleing with my hubby. 
cream tee: Shade
vest: Maurices
capri's: Unionbay - Fred Meyers
sandals: Target
bracelet: Walmart

Saturday night: friend's wedding
dress: The Dress Barn
wedges: Walmart
necklace Walmart (also $3.00!)
bracelet: Mexico
short legs: I blame the camera angle. 

Sunday: church
tank: Shade
skirt (with pockets!): Maurices
sandals: Target
bracelet: Goodwill
flower pin: ripped off a headband (from Maurices) that was too tight on my head

Monday: prayer group and errands
tee: Shade
skirt: Maurices
sandals: Payless
red necklaces and bracelet: Target

Tuesday: keeping it real.  
tank: Shade
sweat capri's: Old Navy
See that large pile on the hope chest behind me? That's about 1/3 of what I cleaned out of my closet and dresser for our upcoming garage sale. Who knew I was such a clothes hoard?? Okay so I knew very well. Hey it just makes me extra proud to be getting rid of it all!

For the record:
No I swear Maurices is not the only place I shop, in fact I've actually only shopped there three times in my life! I just happen to be a bit of a maniac when I step inside the doors.

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  1. Remember your blog about the hated mirror at the lake house? I have a hated mirror in my bathroom! Since 1998 it has depressed me. I adds 20 lbs heavier I swear! After reading your blog, I got to thinking and I tried something this weekend and lost 25 my mirror of course. Loved being at Maurice's with you and Tricia that day, I'll be your witness.

  2. Okay you have convinced me I need to shop at Maurice's! I especially love Saturdays vest. I have been looking for something like that. As usual, your style inspires me!

  3. Way cute outfits!! Visiting from The Pleatted Poppy!

  4. Adorable as always... and I must the say the pile that will be joining the garage sale... well I may be visiting that pile myself. Never too old for hand-me-downs... or hand-me-ups in this case :)

    My favorite outfit is Saturday morning! Although you did look way cute at church on Sunday too!

    Love it, love you!

  5. P.S. Teri's comment cracked me up. I think I'd like a skinny mirror too. I walked past the funky one in the kindergarten room today but just got a shrunken head and no legs...not quite the look I was going for!

  6. Love Saturday and Sunday's outfits!

  7. Love that Claire's necklace - what a great deal!

  8. Love the Sunday outfit, love that it has pockets too! Also, you looked beautiful at the wedding!

  9. Jod you make clothes look so good!. Saturday is my favourite but the background in monday's pic is a cute addition ..By the way... why do I know nothing of Maurices??

  10. Thanks everyone for the compliments! Shay and Mum you must check out Maurices. There only used to be one in Baker City where we go for State playoffs but now there is one at the Lincoln City outlet mall, and I hear even more recently, one at Airport way by Ikea!
    Teri, loved your mirror comment... very smart! Congrats on your new weight loss :)