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What I Wore Wednesday - week 4


This may be a new record people... I've stuck to something new for almost a whole month now!

Thursday: Mom & kids play day at Cara's.
pink tank: Aeropostale
white tank: Shade
skirt: Target
flip flops: Fred Meyers

Friday: leaving for the Coast for the weekend... woo hoo!
top: Maurices
cami: Diviine Modestee
capri's: Calvin Klein - Costco
flip flops: Fred Meyers
orange bracelet: Goodwill for .99 cents
necklace & earrings: Claires

Saturday: on vacation
Note: I do not like this mirror. It doesn't make me look skinnier than I really am!
gray tank: Old Navy
black tank: Shade
jeans: Old Navy
slippers: shearling slip-ons from Costco

Sunday: shopping at the Lincoln City outlet mall.
That's right... I'm in an Old Navy changing room! Before trying stuff on I figured anything would be better than the mirror in our beach house...
purple top: Ross
black tee: Shade
jeans: Gap - Goodwill
silver sandals: rummage sale
bracelets: Walmart

Monday: aaand back to the painfully revealing vacation home mirror.
tee: Roxy - Costco
blue cami: Old Navy
capri's: Plato's Closet
sandals: Addidas - Costco

Tuesday: back home from vacation.
Confession: I stayed home all day doing laundry except for a late night run to Blockbuster. Yep, I put this outfit on just so I could wear my new vest I bought at the coast to the VIDEO STORE.
striped top: Kmart
green vest: Maurices
jeans: Goodwill
flip flops: Fred Meyers
bracelet: Maurices

 Concluding thoughts...

- I love Costco. Where else can you go grocery shopping and conveniently slip a few clothing purchases into the food budget?
- I do not love Fred Meyers, it's just okay to me. Yet it's the closest clothing store to me so I own a surprising amount of items (specifically shoes) from it due to emergency runs to find something to complete an outfit. Not that I do that now of course ;) I'm totally loving Financial Peace Babe!
- This is fun :)

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  1. Gasp! You don't love Fred Meyers? How dare you take it for granted??? ;-)

    We're a Freddy's family, but the closest one for years was over an hour away and now it's like a ten hour flight

  2. I'm so sorry Megan :) It's not that I don't like the clothes there, it's just that it's more expensive than other places I like to shop. But it's darned convenient!

  3. the top from maurices is my FAVORITE!

  4. I love the wiww concept. I have found myself actually looking at what I wear differently just by watching others. Accept this morning, taking Ben to his yard work job I slipped on my running clothes. Only to find out I had my shorts on inside out..... how cool is that!

  5. I do love that last outfit! So great that you got a chance to get away!

  6. I also love Tuesday's outfit... and lucky video store to have you grace their establishment with such a cute vest!!!

    I also love your maurices top from Friday, and your tank top from Saturday is one of my favorite tank tops you own, and always looks super cute on you.

    Love it, love you!

  7. Oh very nice vest Jod ..looks great on . ( how handy you already have matching shoes and purse in that colour.. possibly another Wednesday's outfit. ) that aside.. your hair do looked really cute too.