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What I Wore Wednesday - week 3


So this week I tried a new route for taking my pictures... my almost 9 year old daughter. I'd have to say the results are mixed. After explaining the evils of the double chin look when being photographed from below eye level I also had to explain what a double chin even is. But apparently I didn't go over the importance of holding the camera straight up and down.

Also, I had no idea what a cheap shopper I was! Good grief.

Thursday: grocery shopping
sweater: Liz Claiborne outlet
belt: Goodwill 
cami: Diviine Modestee online
capris: Plato's Closet (consignment store)
sandals: Payless
bracelet: Target

Friday: haircut (hallelujah!), friends for game night
top: can't for the life of me remember!
skirt: Old Navy
flip flops: older than dirt - ?
earrings: Walmart

Saturday: Married's luau BBQ (through our church)
top: Old Navy
cami: Diviine Modestee online
Capris: Unionbay - Fred Meyer
sandals: Target
bracelet: Maurices

Sunday: church
jacket: Forever 21
lace cami: Meir & Franks 
skirt: DKNY - Nordstrom Rack clearance
shoes: Kenneth Cole - Goodwill
bracelet: Mexico
earrings: pass-me-downs from my sister

Monday: morning prayer group, errands
tee: Shade Clothing online
jeans: Gap long & lean - Goodwill
sandals: Old Navy
scarf: Kmart
silver bracelet and hoops: Walmart

Tuesday: housework galore
picture: again with the no show! (strangely on the same day as last week)
I'm sorry to say I wore my pajama shorts and top until dinner time and it wasn't pretty. 

Wednesday: daughter's eye appt., errands
top: Goodwill
jeans: Gap - thrift store
sandals: Target
belt - rumage sale
bracelets - Goodwill and Bass outlet
earrings: Target
purse - gift from husband at a Saturday market in CA

 bonus pic: Blake wanted in on the posing action :)

I'm getting the hang of this I think, branching out more with my choices and haven't repeated an outfit (or bought anything new) yet!

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  1. Great summer outfits! LOVE all of your fun sandals. Thanks for the bonus pic - what a cutie!

  2. Very cute! I have that same polka dot jacket from Forever 21, it's a favorite!

  3. You have super cute style! I would really like to try some of the ways you used your belt! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Cute! You like stripes and polka dots like me- I could wear them everyday. I like the scarf too.

  5. Love all the outfits, you are so stylin! Way to go on not repeating any outfits either, that would be hard to do!