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Weekend recap


When all was said and done our yard sale last weekend went great. Awesome in fact. We made more than we were hoping for and got rid of tons of our junk great stuff! 

The downside: we were going to go out on a date Friday night after the first day of the sale but were so dang tired that I suggested we order Chinese take-out instead and go to bed early. This may be the first time in history that I've turned down a date night. Russell was shocked... relieved, but shocked.

However, it was a wise choice as we were up early the next morning and busy all day long, not cleaning up till dark. 

Also, this happened:
 And Kendall convinced me to keep it in for the rest of the day. Only my love for a daughter would lead me to wear my hair like this in front of strangers. Do I get brownie points? Or maybe just brownies?

Then Russ left to drive 9 hours through the night to go on a 2 night backpacking trip (crazy, I know) and I downed a Tylanol PM and slept for more hours than might be considered necessary. Enough to make me half an hour late to church on Sunday. Which is exactly what my sister predicted when she heard Russ would not be home to hustle me out of the house on time and so I would just like to say, nobody likes a know-it-all, Kelly!

The only other thing worth mentioning from over the weekend happened Sunday afternoon when I heard the sound of water pouring on the kitchen floor and Blake saying "uh oh" and running away. I went to investigate, found a giant puddle on the floor and called his name while I started cleaning it up. He returned all innocent and said "what happened?" over and over, as if he had no idea. "Water? On da fwoor? What happened Mama?"

The little rascal! I only forgave him because he likes to come cuddle me out of the blue and says "I wuv you Mama" all day long. So I'm keeping him.


  1. I prefer "factual" rather than "know-it-all"! And you love me, don't try to deny it!

    Love it, love you!

  2. I forgot how cute that two year old phase can be. I kind of like the hair!

  3. Jodi, you knew you would be a half hour late to church without Russ there to help. You didn't need your sister to predict it for you. Like you always say, "It's how you roll!"

  4. 'Tis true. But you forget how delusionally optimistic I can be!