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We had a beachy time


Yesterday we got back from a fun filled Halverson family vacation to the Oregon Coast. Also known as the land that sees little sunshine. 

Seriously, it takes a true Oregonian to love our freezing-cold-even-in-August ocean. Luckily for us we are true Oregonians and a little mist and fog and overcast skies never stops us from staying out on the beach all afternoon and plunging into the water all the way up to our ankles.

You will have to imagine the fun times had by all though because I forgot my camera back at our rental house. What I do have evidence of is my magnificent garage sale purchase I made on the way down to the Coast.
the seat even has a monogram S on it! Could it be any cuter?!
This is my new baby and we shall never part. A vintage Schwinn Hollywood Cruiser that I got for only $15.00! Don't think I didn't make everyone come outside to see it when we arrived at the beach house. They were all there before us because we ran into some vehicle difficulties on the last stretch of the drive. As in, broke down and had to be towed the rest of the way there. But did this get me down? No way! I had a new adorable bicycle strapped on top of the car and was happy with the world! We won't discuss my husband's feelings about the matter however. Or his bitter words when we finally came to a halt on the side of a road and discovered we were in a pocket with no cell phone reception.

He was back to his usual sunny mood as soon as he saw the private lake we were staying on, and got to break out all the fishing gear that he got an amazing deal on at one of our garage sale stops. 
looking left from the back deck
looking right

See? Fishing makes everything better.
 And by the way we wanted to stay and never leave this place again. Swimming, canoeing, paddle boating, horseshoes, roasted marshmallows around a fire-pit, movies, games, and lots and lots of food were just some of the things we enjoyed while there. And that was just at our house, not to mention the beach itself, or the nearby SHOPPING OUTLET!

Thankfully this is an annual trip and we'll be back for sure. Because 24 inch trout don't catch themselves you know. 
cousin Mark and brother-in-law Tim


  1. Jodi, such a great little article and I love the picture of us all. Really heart warming and funny the way you wrote it up. Sorry about your you need any help with that from me? Thank you for the bird bath!

  2. LOVED IT, love you!

    I realize that is my traditional send off, but it needed to be stated right up front this time. Love the bike - SOOOO cute. And your line about "plunging in all the way up to our ankles" made me laugh out loud.

  3. Such a cute bike, it's so adorable! Looks like you had an awesome time!

  4. uuhmmm S stands for Stephanie! :) It is a super cute bike and what a steal. I love your blog. And I love you even if you have my bike. :) heehee

  5. ha ha ha Steph! I was not aware that's what the S stood for :)