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The trouble with toddlers


The trouble with toddlers is that they are so darn cute that you can't throttle them like you want to when you walk into your bedroom to find this... 

 A strategically placed "blankie" sitting next to a tube of body lotion...

 that is covering this. All over your carpet. 

Blake: "who is responsible for this?!"

"What? You think me? And I'm in big trouble?"

"Oh ha ha ha Mom, I know I'm too cute for you to really mean that!"

Well gosh darn it he is stinkin' cute.

Even though he's also been known to do this before... 

And this!
the day the vaseline ate Blake
I tell you he's one lucky kid to have such a cute face. One LUCKY kid.


  1. Ha! I think my toughest toddler parenting moment has been giving Aurelia a time out for singing at nap time. Did I mention she was singing "Jesus Loves Me"? *insert sound of a mama's heart breaking*

  2. I am more and more convinced that God made toddlers so adorable just so we wouldn't kill them. It's quite possibly the only thing that saved dear Hayden's life in the recent "baseball bat vs. TV" incident. Or the time when he drew on my floor, cabinets, wall and lamp. Or when he took the sharpie marker to our nightstands. Or when he picked all of our strawberries before they ripened.

    Perhaps I should stop recounting the numerous offenses now seeing as I'm at work where I can start seething again and he's at Grandma's out of sight.

    It is a gosh darn good thing we both have cutie-patooties for children. And smiling on cue for the camera helps them amazingly too!


  3. Count yourselves blessed ladies. My youngest has discovered the contents of her dirty diapers. Talk about a mess. Ew!

    Jodi, you need to check out my post from today. There's a surprise waiting for you!