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Prep work


We're in full-on prep mode for a big yard sale this weekend.

Let me start off by saying that I am soooo tired, and it's not even the sale yet! This does not bode well. 

I was against doing a yard sale initially because all I could think of was our sale last year when Russell (who loves lives to wheel and deal) got a little carried away and started selling off our possessions that we had no intention of getting rid of and in fact found quite useful and necessary.

So I thought that since it had only been a year from the last one, and we couldn't possibly have accumulated that much more to get rid of, I might now be in imminent danger of losing something important. Like my couch or bed. However, Russell convinced me that he had plenty of "man" items from his shop to sell and encouraged me to look through the house anyways. 

Which I have been doing for a solid week now and I am still coming up with additions to the pile. How did we get it all? Where the heck did it come from? Why on earth would someone give us a 2 ft long extremely noisy fire engine truck with lights and whistles and no "off" switch? did we keep so many toys?

My prep work also includes monitoring Russ's prep work... to make sure we don't have any "incidents". Like last year when he wanted to clean a large 3-wick candle that had never been used but was covered in sticky dust, so he ran it through THE DISHWASHER. No, the candle didn't make it. But the wax lived on for weeks and weeks, my friends.

Oh honey, I love you and your (thankfully) rare airheaded ways! They make me feel better about all of my own. And they're less embarrassing to tell :)

Anyway, we're in the home-stretch now. T-minus 24 hrs till the sale starts and Wish me luck, and cross your fingers that we don't accidentally sell the home. 


  1. I laughed out loud again at the candle in the dishwasher....then I started thinking, this morning I have my master abth light fixtures almost unhooked from the you know why? I decided to put them though the dishwasher! Love Mom-T